The statue of Liberty and the Prophecy of Nahman

Nahman was a child prophet who uttered 5 prophecies before his death. One of the prophecies, was about the destruction of the Isle of Rhodes statue that adorned
Greece. But that goliath had already been destroyed. So attention was turned
to the Statue of Liberty which is a replica of the Isle of Rhodes.

“When the idol of Rhodes will be destroyed, know that the end of the Wicked Kingdom is near”

The young child said that the symbol would be destroyed signifying that the
redemption is near.

In August of 2001, a French baloonist tried to circumnavigate the Statue and
wound up landing on the torch, he hung in limbo for a while before he was
rescued and later charged with vandalism.
His Baloon had hit the Torch. The torch that had shown the world the flame of truth,
was covered with a very long piece of red nylon, and it looked like blood streaming
from the cup of the beacon to huddle masses.

Symbolically it changed the whole meaning of the statue, from one shedding light
onto the world, to one that would shed blood.

There is no doubting that the US is controlled by a group of illumined ones, and that these Elitists have used the US for war purposes and have murdered many
millions of people, this country can only be the wicked kingdom that Nahman was
prophecying about.

today the head of the statue is reopened. It is a very ill omen, indeed.Related articles by Zemanta

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  2. Well Hurricane Irene is going to probably strike New York City. If that is the case, the storm surge up New York Harbor combined with the high winds have the potential to wipe out the statue of Liberty. Could Hurricane Irene have something to do with this prophecy?

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