ressurection vs reincarnation

To understand the idea of reincarnation is to understand that Cain took Abel who
brought forth the first fruits, and he was jealous because he was only the
‘seed’ sower. So Cain decided that he would control the image that was brought forth from Abel’s womb.
than you understand what has been going on since Cain raped Abel, and forced her in
the way of the sodomite. Whether it’s Esau begging for the ‘red’ potage or Moses parting
the ‘red’ sea, the truth is there for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. The fact that it is ignored so that people remain ignorant, or that people try to debunk the truth is the ongoing plight of the human condition in the fallen state.

Our consciousness breaks up upon entry into this world. We don’t know who we were
or who we are going to be, we don’t remember our dreams, and death not at all. So
we must deal with the human condition in the fallen state. That is the fallen state.
Redemption can only come, when we realize these errors of our ways. The fact that
there are those who do not want us to know the error of our ways, is as old as the
hills. The illusion has a strong hold upon humanity. But the veil has been torn, and
the truth revealed. It’s just that people don’t really believe, they refuse proof. For this, your reward is a 6 x 6 whole in the earth, unless of course you are cremated.

There is no magick in death. The bardo state is nothing more than universal symbol.
These same symbols that we see continually in our dreamworld. There is no fear
while traversing the bardo state. However people who approach itk while in the dream state, do get
abducted, or turned in a ‘different’ direction. That is all I am saying. Know the boundless even though boundaries are ‘set’ up. That is the stumbling block.

Chasing the beast is nothing more than seeking to re incarnate back here. Back here
is the key. It’s back, here. It’s returning to a past based conditional reality. No newness
as everything is judged by past action. This is called the slime of the serpent. The
serpentine power is the breaking up of the whole image, aka consciousness, so that
one might continually face judgment. This is the place of judgment.

Eve looked back, and based all future events on past actions. That is why she could
only produce backward, instead of forward. This is a revelation of now. Not some
ancient myth as that action is obviously still happening now. The root cause is where
we must start at to see where we have been, to change where we must go. All we
can ever be here is humans in a fallen state, because we do not project the whole
image, that of omnipresence, we project the broken mirror, with the same incomplete image displayed in smaller and smaller bites, broken up.

Those are the facts. It’s also a fact that those mystics who work toward redemption have
always understood what they were trying to fix. This is why they built a fence around
torah, to protect the ‘unconditional’ womb. If you understand that the holy shekinah is supposed to produce as the random equation of ‘natural’ selection, that is the unconditional womb producing in any direction, that is the immaculate concept. No discerning intelligence
pointing the way to recreate in a specific direction. The evil inclination is to point in the
direction why not that?? usually at your own image. Self love is selfishness
it is what Lucifer relies upon, as it is stated “Do what thow wilt, that is the
whole of the law.” When in fact it is: “God’s will be done.”

Hey just take a look at all of the people in your life. Who are you closest too?? all the people you are closest to are relative, meaning they project a part of your own image back to you. That which you most identify with is what you are drawn to. You can learn alot about yourself by the company you keep, and those who are drawn to you

In my life most of my friends have been very ‘religious’. I am close friends with priests of
Islam, and Rastafarian priests of the house of Gad, yogi’s who received direct tutelage from
Yogananda and Baba Dass, and these people gravitated toward me. I never went out to
find them. They show up, that’s all. Life is an open book, it’s really not a mystery, once
you start to knock the walls down. The walls must come down.

Some they seen this creation as a novel idea, and they said, “let’s make it concrete,
but destiny into the concrete becomes immoveably fateful. A rock in a hard place.

The Dalai Lama would do well to leave forever. But since re incarnation is so ingrained into him and his group of people, it would be best for him to reincarnate as any man
in the wilderness, allowing the spirit to deposit him whereever, whenever, instead of
specifically projecting his golem into a future time and space into the Tibetan family bloodline.

As for the great tikkun, many people have come to try and project the whole image by
picking up the pieces of shards of consciousness, the same ones Jeremiah writes about.
They have practiced Pran to bring their own consciousness back to a whole, a very
healing process, and have had to climb over the stumbling blocks put in the way to
hamper their efforts. But truly omnipresence is possible, even a small inkling of it makes you want to give absolutely everything up to experience the epiphany of the revelation.

I know I have experienced this revelation. And even though I have tried to articulate
and explain away this incredible gnosis, it is not forthcoming, because each one
must experience this for themselves. It’s why the ‘way’ is so narrow, and each one
must enter ‘alone’. No matter what is said the spirit needs no clinging to material
evidence. Men created technology to find the truth, but it is only expressed in the
spirit, which no gadget will ever measure.

As for crossing over, many times my grandmother was there to meet me, and she always
shows me something new, like the rising up of people from their graves. I watched as
skeletons were replaced with whole images, not just skin and hair. It was quite fascinating
and I know I was receiving a great truth. Beyond this devolution, where we have gone
backward instead of forward lies true future. I have seen it, I have been to the mountaintop
and I have seen this promised land. It’s all I can really say. It’s meant for the whole
consciousness of humanity and angels and all the decants and houses of the great
mansion. It is understanding the conscious whole. We are all sorely lacking projecting the mirror image, it is why Krishna says to Arjuna, “in the end when I reveal myself wholly, men will see how perverse they have truly become.”

Ressurection, is a healing process. It is picking up the broken shards, it is going deep into the sea of Gilgamesh to find the key of immortality. It is fighting the power and strenghth of both the Bohemeth, or Leviathan.

I do not consider what I have done as high magick, allthough in some circles it is
considered as such. Sometimes a shard of the truth creates a cult following. Which
means that the searching has stopped, and the shard feasted upon. The searching
must continue with every breath. How else to comb the height the breadth, the width,
the depth??

As for a siren’s song, the siren’s can only blast a half truth, and they tempt, so that they
can ensnare by pointing in the direction, ‘why not that’.

Understanding what is wholly, or what is holy, the holy shekinah is the presence of god
on earth. The holy presence produces are the random equation of natural selection.
All creation being equal, there is no predominance of one thing over another. The evil inclination is just the thought to change that. The discerning intelligence goes it’s own way, making us lose our way in the crystal cave. No wonder we love the idea of the labyrinth and the maze.

the illumined ones, or followers of Lucifer want to say that reincarnation is a
secret, a power, the true way to go. They try to say that Reincarnation is

Ressurection is remembering everything. It is remembering who you were and who
you are going to be, it is picking up the broken shards. It is allowing your
consciousness to be whole. That means realizing that your waking state, or this
first reality, and the dream state, and the static state of consciousness we call
death are all real. They are!! We are all of these. Not 1/3, all of these
states of consciousness are real, they are, and we must pick up the pieces because
this will destroy the power of division, the power of division produces
Abaddon, the destroyer who can kill you because you simply do not remember.

It is written, “we shall see him as he is because we shall be like him.”

Not reincarnating, or returning to our own vomit. Not chasing the beast,
who is, then is not and is again. As reincarnating is chasing the beast.
But becoming whole, recognizing our dreams as real, traversing the bardo state
and realizing it’s real. As long as the illumined ones keep us from
understanding the whole image, they will continue to utilize the ‘limit’ of
death against us. This is how they control us by making us believe in
the limit of death. Death is a lie, and one of Lucifer’s ‘truth’s’ to keep
us enslaved, and returning to a darker and darker world.

Lucifer rules by the power of death. Death only get’s it’s power from your
own belief in it. This is why men continually go to the field of megiddo so
that they might rationalize and justify murder. The illumined one, is a dull
light, a lesser light. This is not what we must bow down to, and yet we
only need read the news to see men trying to set up the abomination that
makes desolate, or the nuclear war head. Lucifer can be summed up in a
tiny equation e=mc squared. Not to be feared, but sent back to where he
came from, bound hand and foot in the second heaven.

Ressurection is remembrance, and redemption. To remember is to be made whole,
and to project forth the ‘whole’ image.

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