Reincarnation a step by step guide for the perplexed

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The world is a strange place, and yet when we are here it’s all we know, every other kind of existence is Alien. We are born in a specific time and a specific place.
Did you ever wonder why that is?? We vibrate and are electromagnetic in nature,
and a set of numbers in inherant in the very makeup of each and every one of us.
We vibrate to certain numbers, and numbers are symbols for ideas. Since we vibrate to
certain numbers, we can choose to find out what set of cosmic formulas make up
our very existence from a very personal level. The mystics routinely created
golems, or a set of numbers that they would find in a future date long after they
had ceased to exist. This is called projecting your golem in time and space.
And the adepts learned to do this, and to do it well. Reincarnation, which was
frowned upon in the west, (only practiced by ruling bloodlines) was very prevalent
in the East. The belief in the west is that we are all part of the human condition in the fallen state, and that the redemption would bring us full remembrance from beginning to end, or what they call in the business ressurection.

Now there is a difference between ressurection and reincarnation, but we are going
to expose reincarnation for what it really is and how simple it is to traverse the
bardo state and reincarnate back, the definitive word here is back, to this past
based conditional reality where everything is judged, we call this the slime of
the serpent.

We looked back instead of forward, and we must live half lives in half truths until
we tear the veil, but that has been made extremely hard to do because of the ruling elite who demand that we believe in nothing, and reincarnation.

Now suppose you are a Murdoch or an untouchable. As a Murdoch you might think life is great, you are rich and have many possessions, and you might think continually
about reincarnation. Whereas if you are an untouchable you might have lived a life
without karma in hopes that your next life will promote you to a higher caste or
class system.

Well wouldn’t we all like to be like the Murdoch’s? Who would want to be in the
shoes of the untouchable?? Most of us do not have our dithers so we re incarnate
hither and yon, without so much as remembering who we were and where we are going.
That is the life of a wanderer, and the way it should be.

But we were taught that we do not have to reincarnate here, the Buddha put forth
some noble truths and a set of laws to stop the process of reincarnation in the
bardo state or the state we call death. But we know that everyone chases the

Now those elites who rule over us, reincarnate through the same bloodlines over
and over, they set up their wealth and bloodline and assure themselves a safe
return. I see a safe journey I see a safe return, an axiom of the Dalai Lama,
who continually reincarnates to ‘rule’ over his sheeple.

So if you were say a ‘Roth’schild’ and you wanted to reincarnate the first thing
you would do is create a symbol that you would understand the meaning of.
You’re idea of the eye in the Pyramid, and the ideas of say the Illuminati are
completely different.

So you would first create a set of symbols based on the numbers colors and
elements that you vibrate to. The Roth’schild is the red shield. Study the
red shield, you will see important symbols that are embedded in the shield the
way they should be embedded in your pysche if you are going to remember every
detail. Oh yes if you create a symbol you must study it day and night, because
like the Tibetan Monks who create symbols in sand art, then sweep them away,
they only see the symbols in the sand day after day, otherwise they are in their
third eye. The symbols of the bardo state are created day after day then
swept away. This way the Monk will never forget them, because he will be
drawing it again the next day. This is to keep the symbols of the Bardo state
ever in front of them.

So hypothetically the Bauers created the red shield and it’s symbols for the
same reason. These symbols are the family crest, the family strenghth the
family’s power. These symbols are embedded in their psyche, and they have
learned to project this symbol into the bardo state.

Many initiates go through a rite, a sacrifice or a ritual where they are brought to
the limit of death, and the symbol is there before them to ‘save’ them from certain
death. So upon the giving up the ghost the initiate will automatically seek
the symbol he ingrained in his memory all of his life, in the bardo state. Why is
it there?? Because he projected it there. What will happen when he finds it?
He will be attracted to it, and it will bring him back to his family, back to
the same bloodline. This is called the secret of the blood, but it is simple,
and anyone can do it. This is the secret of the blood that Esau begged Jacob
for. This is a simple undertaking. But very austere. You must create a
symbol for yourself, the kind of symbol that would become your Icon. Like the
colonel’s Kentucky fried chicken icon. How about the Statue of Liberty??
Here’s a beacon that cries to the humbled huddled masses, a great beacon if
you want to come back as the consciousness of any man. But you must first do
the research, find out your favorite color, the numbers you vibrate to, your
lucky stars, and create a symbol that reflects the human you. This is the
numberical set you are going to use to project your golem in time and space.

The mystics believed that they had to return to help in the great Tikkun, the
redemption. So they did not set up their symbols to traverse the bardo state,
they left important symbols like the natural array of the tree of life, here
in this everyday waking state we call the first reality. And by leaving the
symbols here, they would find them, recognize them and continue the great

I will write of symbols and numbers, letters and stars soon.

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