Musings between the 11th & 12th floors

Robert Kimball was running 5 minutes off schedule. He had taken his thirty-minute run this morning, shit, showered and shaved as usual, but somewhere he had lost some time necessitating taking the elevator rather than his usual descent down the twelve flights of stairs. He disliked using the elevator. It had been malfunctioning of late and several people had become trapped in there over the past several weeks. He checked his watch as the elevator doors were closing. He would still arrive at the office 25 minutes before his actual work day began, although he liked to be there exactly 30 minutes prior.

The doors were within six inches of closing when a hand came between and reopened them. This hand sported bright red nail polish and numerous silver rings and a wrist adorned with various bangles. The lady that followed equally disgusted him, Melanie Green, in her tight black leggings and short cropped tee, her multicolored hair teased on end sporting the usual tribal face paint, graced with an array of facial piercing. To add insult to injury, her tattooed belly button was stretched beyond recognition with a protruding ring. He had caught glimpses of her over the past several months and figured she must be in her last month of gestation. She was no more than seventeen at the outset and still living with her parents.

“Mornin Bob.”

Robert nodded..

She blew a huge bubble and smacked her gum loudly as she entered and he caught a whiff of cheap perfume. He re-pressed the ground floor button and readjusted his tie and absently swept a microscopic bit of dust from his immaculate navy blazer. The elevator proceeded in its decent with slight hesitation. Floor 11…and then it happened…a grinding, clanging halt. Damn, of all people to be trapped on an elevator with! He heavily applied his finger on the alert button.

“Oh fuck! Pressin that damn button ain’t gonna do no good. That super is the laziest goddamn asshole. I heard the Joneses were in here for nearly three hours before he even noticed.”

Robert opened his briefcase and pulled out his cell and dialed the super’s number. Nothing but loud static greeted him. He composed his work number and received the same results. Melissa giggled, the whole time taking stock of the items in his case; a new shirt, still in the package, dental floss, a razor, after-shave and two clean monogrammed handkerchiefs.

“Man, you sure are well prepared there, Bob, but I don’t see no rubbers in there. I sure wish my dickhead boyfriend had had one of them about nine months ago. Now he says it ain’t even his.”

Again she laughed that strange high pitched girlish giggle, only this time she halted midway and gasped, then slunk slowly down the far wall of the elevator. Robert watched her as she looked between her legs and a large puddle formed.

“Jesus, Bobby, I think I just pissed myself.”

Robert observed that the fluid now emerging was clear against the grey linoleum of the elevator floor, and there was no odor detectable, must be amniotic fluid. Again he applied his finger heavily to the alert button, holding for the count of ten Melanie grimaced and a notable look of horror came over her hideously painted features.

“Fuck! This ain’t supposed to happen for another week. The doc said I had another week and I ain’t even read that damn book he gave me. Don’t just stand there staring, you asshole! Do something!”

Again she winced.

” Ahhh-hh ….Shit, this hurts like hell!”

Sweat mixed with tears began to pour down her face running all rainbow colors.

Robert Kimball, opened his brief case and took stock of the items within. He carefully removed his blazer and laid it over the lid of the opened case, then rolled up his sleeves and removed his pure silk tie, laying it over the blazer. Paying no mind to her screams, he unceremoniously pulled her tight leggings and panties down and off and moved her knees up into a bent position. He withdrew a length of dental floss and dipped it into the after shave then poured some over the razor and his hands. The head was already crowning it wouldn’t be long now.

He knelt before the writhing teenager on the elevator floor,”I’m not a doctor,
I just play one on TV.” He smiled…trying to ease the pain of embarrassment.

He eased back the skin of her bulging vulva as Melanie gave one mighty push and deafening scream. Out popped the head and he deftly turned it to one side as the rest of the slimy, squalling babe emerged. A slight tap to its backside brought sputtering, piercing infant cries joining Melanie’s whimpers. He laid the female offspring on it’s mommy’s belly and waited for the thick, blood engorged umbilical cord to stop pulsing. Once satisfied that it had subsided enough, he tied it off with the dental floss and cut it with the razor. He took a deep breath and hoped he had no late meetings this evening and tore open the new shirt and snuggly swaddled the infant. He handed the tiny bundle to the child mommy, lifted her tee shirt and placed her swollen tit in its mouth.

Speechless, and still in shock, she nursed the child, thus quieting its lusty cries. The placenta followed quickly after this and he laid it aside. Robert Kimball then took the two clean handkerchiefs and wadded them up against the mother’s birth sight and pulled her panties and leggings back up to hold them in place. Satisfied that all was in order, he poured the remaining expensive after-shave over his hands and unrolled his sleeves, buttoning the cuffs and putting his silk tie and immaculate blazer back on just as the elevator lurched downward.

There was the familiar ding, … ground floor lobby. He emerged from the elevator and told the waiting super to call an ambulance, then glancing at his watch, he breathed a sigh of relief ten minutes to spare. He could easily walk the two blocks to work and pick up his morning cappuccino and paper and still be on time. He looked at the young girl sitting on the elevator floor holding the newborn, “I should have taken the stairs,” He thought out loud.
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