Mabus the third antichrist and ruler of this world

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What really personifies the last anti christ?? It is the Luciferian idea
that has encapsulated the earth. It has contained this reality like no other
time in history. People think they have become enlightened, and yet they
are in the darkest part of the night.

Hiram Mabus, or Noble knowledge began when Esau begged Jacob for the red
potage. The noble knowledge is the idea that men should rule over other
men and not the law. Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law. This is
the axiom of Lucifer. The knowledge neccesitates evil, because only 5 billion
people should be on the earth at any one time. The noble knowledge says
that only a handful of rulers should ever be ruling over the sheeple all
related by blood. A noble family is connected by blood.

The antichrist is this luciferian system that has been set up through the
patriarchs using the green line (money line) and replicating the draconian
line (blood line) of the nobles or barons.

If we turn to the archtypical symbol of Esau we see that with his noble
knowledge he builds his kingdom and all of his sons all 12 become dukes
over dukedoms.

The basis of the Luciferian idea is that there is a superior bloodline,
it was created by the Nephilim and they have incarnated and reincarnated
through it by way of the secret of the blood. Solomon set his seal
upon Stonehenge after David slew all the giants.

This is the way the noble truth has lived on, through the bloodlines that
practice this secret from Nebedchanezzar until today.

Mabus is the idea that men commune with Rah, or the angel of the 27th aether.
They rebel against the laws of god, and refuse to do god’s will. As it says
“God’s will be done”.

They have rebelled and have set up their own artificial intelligence.

There is now a battl in Heaven, it is raging, and it is for the souls of
men. How many will be duped into reincarnating into a luciferian system,
and how many will do God’s will?

The Luciferian’s talk of re animation, and reincarnation and ruling over the
earth as seen by the eye in Pyramid.

Jesus was put on the cross because he refused to give into the satanic
system that was being set up in this world.

Jesus was only any man. He was not specific man, he was not a son of a king,
he was no monarch, he was not from a noble bloodline. He was any man.
He was not initiated into the secret of the blood. He was the truth, the
way the light.

Lucifer appears as an angel of light. He is the angel of the lesser light,
because his light is the knowledge of destruction, the noble knowledge is for
those who believe they have the right to take life indiscriminately. They
know death is a lie, and yet use death as a limit to keep the sheeple
compliant. They use the fear of the power of death against the masses, and
make this reality a carrot on a stick.

The noble knowledge is an evil lie. It is a lesser light, released from the
abyss in 1904 by the beast himself. The lesser light is blinding the sons
of men, as they spread false knowledge of channeling and communing with
fallen angels and Rah, and his hordes of demons who tell men they are the
‘future’ of mankind. When in fact they were the giants of old, and have lost
the knowledge to breathe the breath of life. They are in a netherworld a
nethertime, a time of great deprivation, because they are deprived of physical
identity. They are the ones who rebelled against Hashem. And to breathe is
to speak the 72 names of god. Every breath a person takes glorifies Hashem
in the highest.

This knowledge is something that has been sealed from the demons, and they
are seeking desperately for a way back in. But they would have to speak the
72 names of god, to break the seal of Solomon, and that would be their
ultimate destruction.

Lucifer has fallen, the son of the morning star. And his knowledge is false,
because no man should kneel before another man. All are equal before the
laws of God. This law of one, is Lucifer, and his light is part of destruction,
because of his jealousy against his brother, who lives by every word that
proceedeth out of the mouth of God. This is why Jesus is eternal, and
immortal, and will never taste death, as opposed to the hordes of Satan,
who are deprived of the breath of life.

So they build their satanic monuments, and chase the beast, who was, is not
then is again. They return to their own vomit. They return to the sodomic
image they leave for themselves through their icons.

Mabus is an anagram of Lucifer’s light. His light can be found in the abomination that has been set up. Because a simple equation holds all that Lucifer really is
e-mc squared.

The Luciferians pay channelers and fake messiahs to keep the icons of Satan
before the consciousness of the sons of men. They act like they ‘know’ but they
are here to keep the masses confused.

The way is steep, and narrow, and only one at a time can enter in. here’s hoping
that many find that steep narrow gait, as it is open to all who have the courage
and truth within them.

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