Birth of the Lucifer Star

Chapter 1 the initiation

The room was pitch dark, a small table with strange symbols in the four corners seemed to shine with a translucent light. In the middle of the table a form, Shirley could not discern what it was, not yet, as her eyes became acclimated to her surroundings. Darren stood next to her,

“This is for you, this is my gift to you, here, now.” He mused, seemingly in a self hypnotic state.

Shirley felt only contempt. She knew that this was the wrong place, the wrong time.

The peyote, Jimsonweed concoction that she had drank, was to discern the light,

Not the knowledge of the dark. The knowledge of the dark, is only the utilization

Of the destructive forces, the knowledge of the dark only came from the putrefaction

of the organic substance. She stared at the form and realized it was a cat, immobilized

by a shot of Curare. Darren was dressed in Black garb, a hood over his head, along with eleven other people that Shirley hardly knew, and did not want to know.

Those in attendance began to chant in low guttural sounds as one of them, Shirley was not quite sure who, lit a torch made of Mullein leaf and turned to the cat. She realized what was happening, somewhere her mind was fighting tooth and nail against this Ritual, but the concoction of psychotropic drugs had a strange affect on her, and she could not speak. The hooded host firmly held the head of the cat, and pronounced a decree in the direction of Shirley, then in one swift motion slit the cat’s throat, the blood running and pooling at the four corners of the altar.

Shirley stood dumbfounded and a symbol perhaps of a double eagle seemed to be floating in front of her, she grabbed her mouth, but it was too late, she upchucked all over herself , she tried to run but hands were now holding her leading her out of that damned room.

Darren was softly slapping Shirley’s face. She slowly found her way through a daze, trying to focus her eyes at Darren.

“Are you ok?” Darren asked. “You’re as white as a ghost”

“No, I’ll feel better when we get some air..” Shirley stood up but swayed and

realized she didn’t have her feet under her.

“Whoa a,” Darren giggled. “What did you think of your initiation?”

Shirley Stared at Darren. Initiation?? Shirley had spent her life as a daughter of Jacob, sure she understood the mystic and spent many years studying Kabbalah, but this was not part of the mysteries, that she knew. This was the knowledge of Lucifer, the angel of the lesser light…

Her thoughts were interrupted. Darren was whispering to her, “it was good that you cleaned yourself out, you did exactly what you were supposed to do. You were clearing the path, both physically and spiritually.”

“clear the path?”

Shirley’s head snapped up. “This is about reincarnation?

Darren smiled at Shirley, “You know that you took the first step to be with me, truly forever.”

Shirley rose up on her feet and walked to a nearby door. “It’s time to go.” She announced.

Darren got to his feet, and helped Shirley out to their SUV. She was silent, as she plotted the demise of her Fiancé.

Where are we headed?” Shirley queried.

“I have some field work to do in Idaho, would you like to come along??” Darren half begged.

“No, I have a seminar in Butte, Montana and I will be speaking to a crowd of Rabbis.” She speculated.

She knew he was a wimp, that she could easily overtake the scrawny, blonde haired man sitting next to her. She even remembered when they first met and went to the Badlands, he was a paleontologist and there was a cache of prehistoric dinosaurs neatly layered in the bedrock near the Yellowstone river. They had camped near the strange rock formations, where she had taken many pictures. There was a mountain pass with steep cliffs, and a fissure in the earth that some said went into the bowels of Hell itself.

Darren brought her to her apartment, “I gave you the gift of immortality tonight, what are you willing to give me?” Darren teased.

Shirley climbed the steps and opened the door to her apartment. “Anything your heart desires, my knight in shining armor.” She giggled. “Just let me slip into something a little more comfortable.” God she loved that old cliché

Shirley quietly went into her closet, she removed her little 4 shooter and went back into her bedroom, Darren was laying naked in the bed. Shirley never spoke just went to him and favored him with one last kiss, the kiss of death…

She had made a mess of the room, she spent all night cleaning it with bleach, then oxyclean, and peroxide. She had washed the bedding in bottles of peroxide and bleach,ammonia, she had washed everything at least 5 times. Luckily only the bedding was splattered and messed up, nothing on the floor, and only a little on the headboard and walls. Shirley decided that she would get the lead paint from the cellar. She repainted The whole wall in back of her bed, making sure to let it dry and to add another coat. She wanted to be sure that there was no blood. Now she went and retrieved a dolly from her garage, and placed Darren’s wrapped body upon it. She had only a few vials of mercury, it would have to do. She uncorked the mercury and poured it into Darren’s exit wound at the back of his head, she wanted to make sure he would never reincarnate onto this earthly plane again. Mercury weighs down the spirit of the exiting soul.

Shirley looked at a map, 1200 Miles to Montana. She easily rolled the wrapped body into the SUV and went into the house and prepared a half dozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the trip. This is what her and Darren had done when they first hiked in the badlands so many years before

Shirley drove forever. Once she hit the open road she easily did 85 and kept at that speed all night. There was no one on the roads through the Dakota’s so she played with the speedometer sometimes getting up to 100 miles an hr. She reached Makoshika State Park and paid the entrance fee, using cash only. She slowly drove around the park looking for the best place to park. She drove over the steep cliffs and finally found an area where she could stop and unload Darren. She perused the area, the steep fissure was only a few hundred yards away.

As she unloaded the dolly, she was immediately surrounded by a dark presence, she felt an odd sensation in her spine, a tingling sensation slowly ascended to the top of her Head. She realized that she was protecting herself against “bad spirits.”

She wheeled the lifeless body of Darren, who was now taped to the dolly, to the great fissure. The nearby plaque spoke of some unheard of depth of the fissure, and that twice pioneering adventurers tried to descend the great fissure, but after going down thousands of feet, they never hit bottom

Shirley said “goodbye” to Darren, “This is truly where you belong, in a deep pit with the other ‘bad’ spirits, and dumped his body into the deepest fissure, with maybe the black hole of Calcutta being the exception……

2 years later:

Rain trampled its steady beat on the tin can roof of the bus shelter, which heaved and buckled dangerously under the prevailing mass. Strange, thought Shirley as she sat, drenched to the skin on the shabby shelter bench, briefcase acting as makeshift protection, an added barrier against the ever-flowing torrent of water. You’d think the design of a place exposed to the elements, (whatever that meant in a place like Manhattan) would incorporate some kind of defense other that a wafer thin layer of metal overhead.. She realized she was receiving hellish messages, and her mind was baffled by the onslaught of evil portent. She checked her watch, it was 11:11 am.

Public transportation was something of a novelty as far as Shirley Cohen was concerned. She had to crash the SUV on the outskirts of Butte, Montana, and she was now relegated to public transportation. The Bus were something of a tiresome hindrance. As a full time inspirational speaker, She was in the habit of going anywhere she could in that old SUV her Father had given her so many years before. Shirley ran a gentle hand through her long chestnut hair, letting the beads of cold water gather around her fingers and thought about where it was she had to go, and why.

The phone call had been so unexpected. It came through at 4:00 in the morning and when someone rings at that hour, its never good news. Was it a relief? Somehow Shirley expected this call some day, but this was so soon. And she had created a protective aura around her, thinking everything would always be fine. She had fought back tears as she dialed her mothers number. They had both cried. Ruth, Shirley’s mother had been almost as fond of Darren as her daughter had, Marty, her father had felt the same. “You must be strong,” He told her in his deep soothing tones.

Marty, had been born in Jerusalem, the last child in a huge, but poverty stricken family. His father had died when he was four and, although his mother still kept in touch by mail, small scruffy letters written in strained English, all Shirley knew of this part of her family was embodied in the small photograph her father kept on his desk. It was funny. In all her twenty-eight years Shirley had never thought to ask for anything more. It was something of an untold taboo in the household. The small pieces of information she did have came from dropped hints, hasty conversations her parents had initiated behind closed doors when she was a child. Ruth and Marty, she always used their real names, even when she was tiny – met at university, and two more different people there couldn’t have been. Ruth was a typical Jap, Jewish American Princess. She was expected to get this far, and she had, without too much trouble. Marty on the other hand had been something of a genius, learning English from an encyclopedia Britannica at the age of 5 and doing the unheard of in transferring to a university in America as soon as the chance presented itself. They had married that year and well, the rest, as they say, was history.

Realizing she had sat too long Shirley peeled herself from the damp metal ledge and ventured out into the teeming rain.

The call had been brief, the voice at the other end of the line cold and formal.
“Good morning, is Miss Shirley Cohen available?”

“This is she”.

There was a slight pause, a rustle of papers, Shirley thought she heard a muffled whisper, but couldn’t be sure. In the background people talked and laughed. Who was this person? The woman coughed nervously. “Ah, hello Miss Cohen, I’m afraid I have to speak to you concerning one Darren Jason. I believe you know him?”

Shirley’s hand turned cold, as if the phone had morphed to solid ice. She could feel her pulse rising, her heart beating itself into a frenzy beneath her light night dress. She had been standing by the bed but sat heavily down on the duvet now, causing the mattress to creak stubbornly.

Her voice finally became audible, it was cracked and strained, as if she hadn’t taken a drink for weeks. What’s this about? She asked, trying to regain her composure. The voice on the line remained silent. Then; “Darren Jason,” it repeated softly, but it was still cold, as if sympathy was something that strained it.

“ I’m afraid I will have to have confirmation that you knew the man before we continue.”

Knew the man!. Shirley’s breath caught in her throat. Perfect tense. Fuck me, get on with it she thought, but muttered, “yes, yes I knew him.” The woman cleared her throat. “Then I’m afraid I will have to make an appointment to see you as soon as possible, there is no easy way to say this but, we think we have found his body.”

The months, almost two years, now Shirley thought about it, since Darren’s disappearance had taken their toll on the Cohen family. Her mother especially, wasn’t the same person now as she had been before. Ruth was once a kind of legend among her peers, seemingly managing to slip through the years without a trace of it on her. Time had caught up with her now however. The hands of age had rubbed another ten years at least on to her cheeks. Darren’s family had coped better, if family was the right word. He only had his dad left, a small ruffled little man with greying hair and deep blue eyes that bore right into you, then they would become small serpent like slits. He would visit or phone everyday for news. Not that there ever was any. Not one piece of information since the last time Darren was seen; walking towards the station on that Monday morning, briefcase in hand, just as he did every other morning.

The police had come round as soon as they could of course. As soon as he’d stopped turning up for work. They asked questions but seemed little help. Shirley remembered vividly the first time they had ascended on the house, notebooks in hands, scaring her parents half to death. The leader of the case was a big burley Lieutenant by the name of Danny O’Toole. He led the action, calling the shots, speaking at the press conference, the late night addition of crimewatch, the numerous appeals for information. None of it did any good however and, as Shirley saw it, he couldn’t have cared less about her little boyfriend if he had tried. Oh sure she played the distressed fiancé, and called the good Lieutenant up for any information.

The morgue stood at the end of a small copse of trees, forming a glowing tunnel of reds and yellows in the clear September sun. The air was cold, but not harsh, forming clouds of swirling mist as it was expelled from the body. The building was nothing special. Certainly not the foreboding laboratory she had expected. A large colonial brick building in the heart of suburbia. Hedges lined the gravel drive with a clear stretch of freshly cut grass on either side. The windows of the morgue as it must have once been were blacked, as if someone inside were afraid of letting the sun in. The door was a pale pink and sported a gold name plate: County Morgue, it boasted it italics.

Beneath was a list of names and doorbells. Shirley squinted to read the tiny handwriting beside each. Dr Malcolm MacDonald, Dr Simon Silverstein, Dr Ben Dov, Dr Josephine Aiello. Seeing the name she remembered from the phone all she gingerly pushed the metallic button. Somewhere, far off the faint sound of a bell could be heard from within the morbid walls. Then silence. Shirley whistled aimlessly through her teeth, a habit she had picked up as a child. Above her, the autumn sky clouded and the first drops of a fresh batch of rain could be felt. She pulled her already soaking coat tightly around her and hoped it wouldn’t start until she was well inside.

A slight click from behind the door made her jump, and before she could ponder it, the huge pink monstrosity swung open to reveal a middle aged woman, dressed smartly in skirt and blouse, covered by a paper white lab coat. Her natural blonde hair was held back in a tight pony tale and wire framed glasses hung firmly to her face. “Miss Cohen?” she asked.

Shirley recognized the voice from the phone and nodded her head, finding there was a lump in her throat. The bare foundations of a sympathetic smile played on the woman’s face. “I’m Doctor Aiello, do come in .”

Inside the building was as plain as it had promised from outside. A thick red carpet led the way to the tight metal doors of a lift, staring boldly out, mismatched with the blue misty wallpaper and side rail that it interrupted. Dr Aiello stepped forward and pushed the button marked down, when she stepped back she looked at Shirley, who stared forward.

“ You don’t have to do this you know,” She said softly, almost kindly. “Most of the time we rely on dental records but it seems Mr Jason didn’t care much for Oral hygiene, the dna results will take another two weeks.” She smiled, then looked at the floor. “We would have asked his father but none of our calls were answered. If you don’t feel comfortable……”

“No No, stammered Shirley ,realizing her tone, she spoke more softly “No I’ll be fine.”

The Doctor smiled and signaled the way as the lift doors opened. Shirley stepped in and felt suddenly claustrophobic. The lift was small and square, its metallic walls reflecting the revolting green of the carpet under foot. The doctor stepped in neatly and pressed another button which sent the lift shooting downwards. Shirley felt her stomach lurch and had to fight back vomit as her already twisted insides tried to reject the breakfast she hadn’t eaten that morning. The journey couldn’t have lasted more than thirty seconds but each felt like a hour as she stared in the security camera, the dim inset light, the slight humming noise as the lift neared its destination. Looking up at the mirrored walls she saw a ghost staring back at her with wide eyes. pale, feeble, scared. What had happened to her in these last months? The lift made contact with the buffer with a slight jolt and within a second the doors slid smoothly open.

On the other side was s different world. Nothing could have been more in contrast to the pale colors and serenity of upstairs. The entire place was constructed of stainless steel, like a striped out industrial kitchen. Two waist high metal benches stood in the center of room. One of these was covered with a pale cloth from which a pair of dark feet protruded. The other was empty. Over on the far wall was what looked like a large filing cabinet used for storing dead bodies. Above them, wide paneled lighting hummed relentlessly. There were no windows. The only source of new air, seemed to flow from a minuscule vent in the top left hand corner of one wall. Dr Aiello stepped out of the lift and indicated for Shirley to follow. She walked over to a small desk which sat between the lift and the two long tables and was surrounded by three small chairs. “Please take a seat.” She smiled at Shirley speaking for the first time since they had entered the elevator.

Shirley did as she was told and wrapped her arms around herself as she felt the hard plastic dig into the small of her back. This room seemed even colder than the bitter autumn day she had left behind. Noticing her discomfort the doctor shot a brief look of sympathy across the table. “We have to keep it cold for the…..” She trailed off and looked down at the desk, moving after a moment to retrieve some papers from one of its many draws. “We’ll need you to sign these before and after you’ve seen the body. Shirley nodded feeling the nerves and upset upside her beginning to claw at her skin, desperate to escape. She felt like she needed to run. To get out of this cold building with its stale smell of disinfectant and hard cold metal walls. she wanted to get outside onto the lush grass lawn feel the freedom of the fresh air….

“Miss Cohen?” Dr Aiello tapped her gently on the shoulder as she slid the papers across the table. Handling her an expensive looking fountain pen she whispered, though there was no one to hear; “Are you sure you want to go through with this?”
At another nod from Shirley she took the papers gently from her trembling hand. “‘You know most people tell us it isn’t as bad as they expect.” She stood up. “They say its more like seeing someone in a very deep sleep. Dont worry. All you need to do is give me a name. you never know, this might not even be the man you knew.”

Shirley managed the faintest of smiles as she got up, but inside she was screaming with the agony of it all.

And even before the other woman stooped to draw back the pale blue cloth on the shabby metal gurney, she knew it was him. She just knew. She knew because she was the one who had seen him last, that night so many months ago. She knew because she knew he was dead, because she had seen his body, because she had dumped it in a deep fissure two years before . She knew the man under the pale sheet was Darren Jason.

She knew, because she had put him there. She had killed him. The good doctor, slowly pulled down the thin sheet that covered the corpse. Shirley could not take her eyes off of the Doctor’s hand as she performed the procedure. She let out a gasp, as the head and face were exposed.

“No, No, this isn’t Darren, Darren was short,… his face rounder.” As she perused

the physical features of the cadaver. “Darren had a pug nose, this man has an

Eagle beak.” She almost laughed with relief. “This person’s hair is obviously

Black and long…… Darren had blond hair.”

“Ok, Well the Lieutenant will be disappointed. But thank you, Shirley.”

Shirley couldn’t wait to get out of that place. She turned and asked, “ Why did you think this was Darren?”

“This man was found with Darren’s wallet on him, but I really can’t tell you much

more, maybe the Lieutenant can bring you up to date.” Dr. Aiello surmised.

“Well, I guess I’ll be going….”Shirley was booking for the door.

“Yes, sure, thank you Miss Cohen for your cooperation. It looks like this man

drowned, his body was found in a crag of rocky shore on the south end of fire island.”

“Fire Island?” quizzed Shirley, what the heck was going on??

“Yes, bodies always seem to turn up there, the undertoe near Coney Island

is very strong, and many people are found among the rocks near Fire Island.”

Shirley had to find out how Darren’s wallet which should have been deep in

a Montana fissure could possibly turn up on a dead native American on the rocky shores of Fire island.

to be continued……

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Chapter two: Visionquest

Sandstone disk found at Carthage, Alabama. Hor...Image via Wikipedia

Portents of the crystal cave

All along the 23rd layer of rock, as far as the eye can see in both directions were bones. Ghostwolf realized he had reached what was rumoured to be, the ancient order of the serpent clan, this thin band maroon rock territory held the secrets of Uktena, “The Keen-Eyed,”

Robert Ghostwolf knew he must be close to 10,000 feet down, as he gingerly made
his way down the cliff. There were bones strewn upon the cliff, ; the bones of giant snakes and the bones of children; and the bones of great medicine men, who were lured to this place, and vanished, eaten by the Great Rattlesnake, Uktena. Along the narrow margin of this vast country of bones, Ghostwolf decided this would be a good place to camp for the night. He was excavating, in search of pink sapphire, and also the blazing diamond that was once called Ulun’suti — “Transparent.” He realized while setting up his Hammock which would be hanging a few feet up from the cliff that he was in a very dangerous area, the great snake was never found, however the legend was never dismissed among his people, the Lakota.

However in this god forsaken habitat, the artifacts of the dead are the currency and the lifeblood of modern society and none is exempt from the hypnotic allure of the ‘badlands’.At various points along the layers of this many hued strata of rock, mounds have been erected of the bones that have been sorted and sifted through and discarded. some have been shaped by artists and poets into the bizarre likenesses of plants, beasts or geometrical shapes What creations they would find if they had climbed down the great fissure, myriad bones of a long forgotten past….

Ghostwolf realized he was literally sitting on a goldmine. He stretched his hammock
And readied to sleep, he put his lightbeam that was attached to his hardhat on, only 3:30 in the afternoon, it felt more like midnight in the pitch-black atmosphere of the fissure. He realized that he might have to use his oxygen tank, now that he had descended more than 10,000 feet down. He rested upon the hammock pondering the sacred mystery. Whoever owns the Ulun’suti is sure of success in hunting, love, rainmaking, and every other business, but its great use is in life prophecy. Why his mind was continually brought to this crystal he could not imagine, it was the pink saffire that he had found five years before that he was after. He drifted off into a deep sleep….

A white horse stood before him, beckoning him into unknown realms.

BANG! Ghostwolf was awakened his hammock flying out over the cliff into the void, he woke with a start. What the hell?? Who else could possibly be here?? Ghostwolf
looked up and about ten feet higher was some form seemingly stuck between the two
sides of the great fissure. He tied a rope around him and found the spikes that he had hammered into the sides of the walls, he climbed up the ten feet to have a look-see.It was a dolly with a bag taped all the way around it holding something on to it. Robert Ghostwolf tugged at the dolly half hoping it would continue it’s fall into the abyss.He realized immediately that the form was human. A dead human. Robert tied the rope to the dolly and tied it to a spike, then dropped the dolly slowly to the cliff he had been sleeping on.

He used his knife to cut open the bag. The stench hit him so hard in the face he lost his balance, and he desperately grabbed for the hammock. He was looking at a dead man. He laid the body down. His dress pants said he was a well dressed man, perhaps a banker. He then went through the pockets of the pants, and found a wallet. He opened the wallet up. He put his flashlight upon it, Darren Jason, was pictured on his Motor vehicle id card. Well Darren, this is a hell of a place to wind up. Ghostwolf kept Darren’s wallet, but sent Darren on his merry way…..

He decided to load his bag up with a few of the paleo world bones that were just lying about and ascend the cliff. He’d eat, get some rest and start his upcliff climb after a good nap.

Ghostwolf tied himself back into the hammock making sure that the ropes were sturdy, and tried to fall asleep, he realized that he had packed thousands maybe millions of dollars worth of dinosaur remains into his duffel bags…….he’d be rich for sure. He took a swig of injun whiskey, just enough to numb himself, and he listened to the gentle swaying of the hammock, succumbed to the elixir and slept.

Robert Ghostwolf awoke with a start, something extremely heavy right on his chest…
Two glowingin eyes met him…..he could not move, he became frozen with fear….
he wet himself as he stared into the reptilian eyes of Uktena.
the great serpent had laid his head upon the chest of Robert Ghostwolf, and he knew for sure he was a dead man.

“You are an intruder” hissed the great reptile. “I will allow you to breathe, but first I have something planned for you.”

Robert was snake food. “Are you the keeper of the great Ulun’suti?”

The wise serpent was not fooled by Robert’s quiet demeanor, he could smell his
fear. “yes, and you shall have it shortly, but first, you must climb down the fissure and retrieve my servant.”

“climb down the cliff?” Robert stammered….”I was just going to climb back up the cliff.” He speculated.

“No, you shall bring me the body of my servant, and then I shall bestow the great crystal into your keepsake.” The snake commanded as he slithered off the chest of Ghostwolf.

Robert Ghostwolf with great purpose and intent, wrapped up the hammock and started to descend the side of the fissure as fast as possible. He desceneded for hours and hours.

He realized that no one, absolutely no one had ever ascended this far.

Robert’s lightbeam caught the sight of crystals, large beautiful crystals embedded among veins of Gold as he made his way into the void of the earth. He had reached another landing. He strolled along it hoping that Darren Jason would be among the strewn red and maroon rocks and boulders, he search for hours and realized that on the other side of the fissure he could make out a form lying among the rocks. He had to climb up the wall and try to swing himself over to the other side of the fissure. This was no easy task. He checked his watch, it read 3:00 am. He realized that it would take him at least 8 hours to ascend the wall of the fissure after retrieving the body.

Exhausted Robert finally brought the body of Darren Jason to the previous overhang where Robert had met the great serpent. He looked up and down the sides of the overhang, but he did not see the great snake. He decided that he would get, while the getting was good, and unceremoniously dragged the body to a pile of bones, and then

He started his climb.

“Just one moment….” A loud hiss interrupted Ghostwolf’s endeavor to escape.

“This is for you……” the serpent easily pushed a very large crystal towards Robert.

“You must make sure this touches the hands of a certain woman, you will go now and

find her, only she is allowed to touch this crystal besides you. Anyone else, and your family, your wife, your children, you greatgrandfather, all will perish.”

Ghostwolf stared at the incredible crystal. Now he wanted no part of it, but now he had jeopardized the lives of his whole family. He must take it. He emptied some of the bones from his duffel back and put them in his backpack so that he could carry the great

Stone of portent….. Ulun’suti.

“Just follow the information in the wallet.” The serpent then vanished.

Robert Ghostwolf went at Godspeed up the sides of the cliff of the great fissure, wanting to get out of the “badlands” as fast as possible.

Elsewhere, in the caverns and gullies along the fissure , discarnates, and masters chanted interminable liturgies to the ten thousand Gods of Darkness. Robert stared into the great expanse seeing for thousands upon thousands of miles… seeing into colleges. Children and students were now memorizing the names of the ever-swelling numbers of the dead. Everywhere the deep booming knell of the Satanic arm of the Military sang the song of Death and cast up daily its never depleted supply of fresh and variegated bones over which the eager population scrabbled, contending with each other to filch the choicest treasures, beating back snarling dogs, rats and fellow scavengers…a bleak future indeed..

Robert catapulted himself onto the grassy knoll of the ‘badlands’ happy to be free of the blight and plight of the darkest corner of the earth. He climbed into his landrover and beat it out of the State park, he had to get to New york city.

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chapter 3, a gift of prophecy

Shirley opened her eyes. The soft air was ecstasy for every crease of her soul. She was awake. Her eyes followed the iridescent lavender curtains as they danced to the music of the new morning’s song. The French doors were open and sharing their view like windows to her soul. She could hear the autumn’s brilliant hued leaves rustling in the soft breeze. She could hear the subtle calls of the birds to their lovers and friends. She heard a mockingbird telling her his favorite memories. He sang with his heart what his mind could not create. She could see squirrels playing tag through the trees, and she could feel the warmth of life with the crisp dew filled air.

She snuggled into her silky black sheet. She closed her eyes and breathed in the most magical air. When she exhaled, she rolled over onto her back and opened her eyes. She glanced at the ceiling and let her sparkling brown eyes fall to the other side of the bed. A wave of sadness washed over her followed by a rush of sweetness when she notice a single yellow tulip in a clear smooth glass vase next to the bed on the art deco nightstand. She marveled over the fantastic simplistic beauty of a single yellow tulip in a plain glass vase. That something so small and seemingly insignificant could fill her with such joy and hope. Yesterday was a nightmare, the morgue cold and inhuman. She was so close to spilling her guts, admitting to the most unthinkable crime.

Shirley had trusted in her own strength. She turned over and gradually sat up on the bed. As she took in the air and thought about what she would do today. She would cook today, she decided. She had not cooked in months, and she felt that it was time that she started doing normal things again, like cooking..

She wondered if they had anymore of those blue scented candles. She remembered Darren saying that he liked the scent. She would have to find them. And music, how could she forget the music. She decided to mull it over in the shower.

She took her purple dress and hung it on the bathroom door. She let her silk nightgown fall from her body and let it lie on the floor. She looked over her body in the mirror. She had lost some weight during the past few years. Her shoulders were always wide, now they seemed to show more bone in them. Her neck seemed longer as she noticed her shoulders. Her breasts had not changed, still they clung to her large and ivory. Her waist slimmed down to her large fertile hips and glided down to her small feet. She wat entirely satisfied with her figure, but it was tolerable.

She turned on the water in the shower and then brushed her long silky straight brown hair to remove the tangles of sleep. In the shower she nurtured her body with many aromatic shampoos and body washes. After her shower she sat at her black iron vanity, staring into its mirror trying to decide what to do with her hair.

Her peace was interrupted by the steady ring of the door bell. She let it ring and then decided she must answer it. She slowly made her way to the front door. She looked out the peep whole but no one was there. She unlocked the door, and stuck her head out,

No one was there, but a small package was lying on her front stoop. Shirley bent down to retrieve the small box addressed to her. She noticed that the return address was in North Dakota. The name of the sender, a Roberth Ghostwolf. Shirley had no idea who that could be, so she brought the box inside and put it on the kitchen table. The phone rang startling Shirley at her self hypnotic gaze of the box.

“Hello?” Shirley quizzed.

“Hello, Shirley Cohan?” Said the gruff voice on the other end of the line. “This is the lieutenant that was handling the case of your missing fiancé, do you remember me??”

“Certainly, good morning Mr. O’Toole, how are you?” Shirley asked.

“Fine, I’d like to stop by and ask you some questions, do you have time this morning?”

“I have a speaking engagement this afternoon, so it will have to be now, I’ll be here until 1:00 pm.” Shirley announced.

“Great, I’ll be there in about half an hour, ok? Asked O’Toole.
“That will be fine.” Shirley said.

Suddenly she began to panic. Her heart began to race and she could feel it pumping through her chest. She found it hard to breathe, she was gasping for air. Her vision began to blur and she felt dizzy. Tears poured out of her eyes, she began to sob uncontrollably. She crawled into the bathroom and began rummaging through the top drawer for her medication. The overwhelming urge to start screaming and crying took her over. She searched frantically for the bottle. It had to be here, she told herself. Finally she held the bottle in her hands. She struggled with the top until it finally popped off, scattering the pills all over the bathroom floor. She popped a couple in her mouth and ducked her head under the faucet and turned on the water. She swallowed the pills and slumped into the corner of the bathroom by the oval tub. She sat there clenching and shaking.

“You gotta get a hold of yourself, Shirley girl.” She stood up straight, and combed her hair and proceeded to wash her face with cold water. She sat drenched by the sink, and realized she had to speak that afternoon. She suddenly ran around in a rush trying to tie up loose ends. She then spied the box on the kitchen table, it would have to wait. She brought the box upstairs to her bedroom and tossed the box on her dresser….

The doorbell rang, Shirley was as ready as she’d ever be…she answered the door.
Lieutenant O’Toole was at the door with another detective.
“come in Mr. O’toole, said Shirley. “I went to the morgue yesterday….”

“Yes Miss Cohen,that is why I am here.” Said O’Toole. “You didn’t recognize that man did you?”

“Not at all, I was very relieved it wasn’t my Darren.” Shirley mused. “That guy looked like an Indian to me.”

“Yes, well his real name was Robert Ghostwolf, he was from North Dakota.”

“Well he had Darren’s wallet on him, the Dr. told me that much.” Shirley confided.

“Did Darren ever mention this man to you? Or anything?” O’Toole queried.

“No, never, I think I would have remembered him, he had quite a prominent nose.” Shirley offered.

“Well, We will have to find out why this man had Darren’s wallet on him. Seems he was a prospector, we notified his next of kin, but could only find his Great grandfather, his mother, wife and children seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth.” “O’Toole commented. “Maybe Darren did business with him, his home was literally filled with dinosaur bones…..”

“Dinosaur bones?” That’s what Darren did, he went all over buying old bones from the Pleistocene era for his clientele…” Shirley mused.

“Well if you could remember anything, anything at all, please call me,” O’Toole handed his card to Shirley.

“You betcha’ I’d like to know myself.” Shirley confided.

“Have a good day, bye now.” And O’Toole and his partner left Shirley’s house.
Shirley, as soon as the men drove off, zoomed up the steps to her bedroom. Where the hell did she leave that box? She ripped the room apart, in search of the damn thing, then she spied it on her dresser.

Shirley held the box in her hands. It was addressed to her from a Mr. Robert Ghostwolf! What the hell was going on? Shirley was half afraid to open the box. What if he had seen something? Well it didn’t matter because he was dead, she rationalized….

Shirley Cohen sat on her bed and opened the brown papered box. She had a hard time, as it was glued and stapled shut. And then a wax seal?? Shirley finally got the box open, inside was a plain looking piece of quartz, it was white with a thin grey line running through it. There was a small note attached.

Please keep this in a very safe place.

You must take it out and feed it at least once a month, failure to do so, will put you in imminent danger.

Shirley laughed, this had to be some sick prank. The quartz seemed to glow, the more Shirley laughed, startled she picked up the quartz, it was burning hot to the touch and burned her finger. Shirley ran to the sink to run cold water on the burn. She eyed the quartz suspiciously. She went over and picked up the note to reread it.

As the owner, you must keep it wrapped in a whole deerskin, inside an earthen jar hidden away in a secret cave in the mountains.

Every seven days you must feed it with small fresh game, something you have trapped yourself, rubbing the blood all over the crystal as soon as the animal has been killed.

Twice a year it must have the blood of a deer or other large animal.

Should you forget to feed it at the proper time it would come out of its cave in a shape of fire and fly through the air to slake its thirst with the your lifeblood, so don’t forget to feed it.

you may save yourself from danger by telling it, when you put it away, that you will not need it again for a long time. It will then go quietly to sleep and feel no hunger until it is again brought forth to be consulted. Then it must be fed again with blood before it is used.

Shirley didn’t know what to think, a giant square piece of quartz to be fed blood. She needed to find someone to find out what this was really all about. And who was Robert Ghostwolf, and why would he send this thing to her?

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Chapter 4: Advent

There was nothing anyone could do but wait. Tortured by worries, despair, and self-analysis, his face stuck to the ICU glass, Robert Ghostwolf watched the vast array of vials keeping his daughter alive. When Sara was transferred to the ICU, hospital personnel cleared the room, stripping her of the things she loved. They had dragged away her stuffed animals, books, flowers and balloons. Bareness crept over everything and no matter how snug the nurses wrapped her legs and body against her favorite blanket, Sara often cried when negative thoughts invaded her mind. Robert stayed near his daughter, squeezing his hand into a fist against the glass that held him fast from his daughter’s bedside. Bending her face toward her father Sara Brave bird, with outstretched arms tries to sit up.

“It hurts, Daddy.”

“What does sweetie?” Robert whispered.


Sara collapsed. Her body remains motionless. The nurse, bringing in a fresh set of vials became startled by the sight and dropped the tray. The vials fell and shattered on the floor. Oozing silver medicine flowed slowly, meticulously as Sara lay unconscious. Doctors, nurses, specialists,were now dashing toward the room. Sara feels herself breathing more freely. Sliding back from her body, from the body that held her forcibly. Sarah’s spirit crisscrossed over the walls and ceiling. She was now feeling blissful, free from pain.Sarah circles the room several times before skittering forward.

In the blink of an eye, she found herself in a beautiful vast meadow filled with roses, lilies, violets, daisies and wildflowers. The morning sun leaves strips of light and shadow that she gives chase to. There is no fear. No perception of being deserted and totally alone. No panic or thoughts about the bad things that must have happened. Something furry tickles her cheek. The touch is so soft she hardly notices. Gentle, it is a butterfly’s wing.Sarah tries to swoop it up in her hands but starts to feel trembly and wobbly. She lies down on the grass and concentrates on breathing slowly. She thinks that babies do the same thing. Sleep soundly; control their breathing even when people are coming and going, talking, and moving around. That’s the way her life had always been since birth. She had struggled her whole existence to gain the ordinary composure of things, trying not to feel tired while at play. Hiding her frequent nosebleeds and shortness of breath. eating when she wasn’t hungry. Attempting to overcome the pain in her bones and joints. Denying the low-grade fevers, the swollen lymph nodes. Even after the diagnosis, she kept her mind steadfast on remission and recovery. It changed when her mother was found dead in that terrible storm. Her father is different. He’s a sweet guy. Shy, sexy hot, popular with various women and absent. Sara just knew he’d been with someone. Many someones. But she loved him completely and convinced herself it’s all been a huge misunderstanding. Sarah Brave bird thinks how ironic, that when you return to someone you love, it’s already beyond repair.

“I’m sorry, daddy.”

Her body began heaving up and down desperate for air.. Dandelions rise from damp metal screens. The white room witnessed the writhing of her life. Sickness soon becomes an acquaintance.
The cause of death: Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.
The time of death: 3am
Her father is slightly drunk and quiet. “My sweet sweet Sarah Bravebird, this is
All my fault.”

Robert Ghostwolf left the hospital, he was warned. He did not do what he was told.
Now his wife was dead, his little boy missing, and his daughter just died. Robert
Went home to pack his bags and head for New York City.

“Grandfather, I must leave. I have caused great pain upon me and my family.” Robert
spoke to his grandfather, “ There is no peace in my soul, and because of this my whole
family is gone, I do not wish to bring harm to you, I must leave.”

“Was it another woman? Asked the great great grandson of Chief Spotted tail.

“No, no.” I have not been allowed to tell you. But now….it makes no difference, I
was given a great crystal.” Robert confessed.

The old medicine man stared hard at his grandson.

“It was given to me by Uktena.” He revealed in soft tones.

“So… have the great crystal? The Ulun’suti.” His grandfather mused.

“Sshh….please,do not speak of it, Grandfather. No one else should have to suffer because of
this infernal rock.”

“You have not used it wisely!” his grandfather proclaimed.

“No….I was ..selfish, I used it to find treasure….bones…..instead I have only found
death…” Robert pushed out the words as his voice filled with tears. “I must go, and
give it to someone else.”

“You have made bad medicine, you must do what is right.” His grandfather spoke harshly. “ You have brought a curse, I can only pray with my sacred pipe…” his
voice trailed off ..”Did I not sing to you to always follow the red road of the sared white buffalo calf woman??” He questioned….”Go, find your peace… know where to go.” Commanded the pejuta wicasa.

Robert Ghostwolf hopped into his landrover and headed east. He pushed the tape into his old cassette player, and listened to the sacred music:

Down the road I travel, It’s the Red Road I go.
It’s my blood that flowing forever told.
We are a story that we each embrace.
My light grows with you deep inside we fly.
It’s returning home this day, we’ve been gone for so long.
In front of me my heart grows fond of the red of road
in front of me, the journey of the embrace.
Let me tell you a story and story how to be free.
I will fill your heart with glory and know love with thee.
It’s a shiny shore on the other side, it’s dark shore at home,
but when we put them all together we have a shining shore.
Well the dark side said, “how are you?” I’m beauty and creation pure
and the Light side said, ” I’m here my love, I come to gift you pure.
So darkness met the lightness and their hearts grow and blossom pure
and light grew within the well of life and God was born for sure.
A dream is born a child today and heaven and earth inside.
He (luminous) believed the journey the red road to come,
the heart the pure inside. The dream the pure inside.
So now darkness met the lightness and they had a child.
It’s dream kept them going to journey all the while
and time past before them and they looked upon the other side. And they grew, dreamed and journeyed so they could look behind. So they could look behind
And in the space behind, they left behind the time and the stories. They could not hold them anywhere but in the heart they bear, but in the heart they bare.
So lightness met the darkness and a child was born a dream, and time they carried in their hearts and now the house was born, and now they journeyed together and they flowed and reflection was born. The blue of you and me was here, the ocean of a story, an ocean of family.
So the darkness with creation met the lightness of her dreams, and then they had a creation a child that filled their dreams, and then they took the time and they pulled it in their heart, and then it born a reflection. A family came to life. Now how do i protect this, a warrior a true is born.
I give you sight to see the truth and prophet to give us glory. Tomorrow will be born, tomorrow will be born.
So darkness she is a flower and lightness he gives to thee and the past they carry the hearts embrace and a dream was born from thee. They made a family reflecting love and then they protect the righteous pure.
This was the birth of family the perfect, pure and proud
and so we reach upon the realm. We reach the mighty pure. We find the top of the mountain and we reach the light of pure, and we reach the realm for more.
I have the one who carries all the stories, he’s the voice,
the mighty the one that’s strong. He (luminous) bears all the mighty, his force the Army of God. He tells us all we must reach the other shore.
The other shore where heaven comes and holiness is mighty and pure, where light touches the ground. Where light touches the ground, where light touches the ground.
So I tell you the story, did you like my story? And, I tell you the darkness she ‘s so beautiful. And I tell you that the lightness he is so gorgeous pure and i tell you yesterday, my heart I cannot endure,
I endure, I endure for love and the story continues.
We have a dream and it’s born and it gives it light and it carry my family the reflection of this love and i give it strength to endure.
I give my Whitey (One Pure Light) Warrior Vision to see the truth of the day and the Mighty Warrior that guides us to the other side the realm of the mighty and pure. So every day you look upon the garden and you see the Holiness that’s pure. The light that guides us every day in the dream of God’s pure garden that we endure. It’s love we remember yesterday and the dream that is born within inside and we carry it tomorrow to the other shore to live the Gold (Golden Dream) inside.
The dream that’s born inside the dream that carries me to the other side.
(very low note) To the other side,
I take my step
and I remember my heartbeat
I take my step
and I remember my heartbeat
I take my step
and I remember I dream
I dream
I dream
I dream

Don’t be blue (sadness), be bleu (revolution) to the new, for we are here to set you free! Song by Joseph Flying bye

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