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Today’s guest author is J L Wolfe, her latest work  “The project lion series,  The Candidate, is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smash words.

Book cover, the project Lion Series, The Candidate


I live with my husband and three children in Illinois, just four miles from the home where I grew up and where my parents still live. Although I have published before, The Candidate is my first work of fiction, and is drawn from a multi-genre interest and background in sociology. (I’m very glad I was able to talk my husband into playing Moonlight Sonata for the book trailer and for being on the cover with our daughter!) My “day job” consists of representing clients in a variety of civil matters; I am a partner at a law firm. In my spare time, I help keep my children active in sports and the arts. I can also be found on weekends around my yard building retaining walls and laying patio pavers. The Candidate was a joy to write—my hope is that it was a joy for you to read and made you think.

I welcome any comments and feedback on the story or predictions on where you think the story is headed! You may reach me at Happy reading and thank you for taking an interest in my book!


Book Review:  

A great read!

Candidate: a person who is nominated for an office or honor, one who seems likely to come to a certain fate. The word candidate comes from the Latin word “candidatus,” meaning white-robed, and the original carried connotations of being pure and sincere. Knowing this, the title gives a good insight into The Candidate.

The story is set in a dystopian future (or is it an alternate present?) where the hero is chosen to travel back in time. Alex Martell faces the daunting challenge of living history, observing without changing it, in a last-ditch effort to save the world. All the while, he longs to return to his own time and his family.

In her first novel, J.L. Wolfe explores history, myth-making, and conspiracy as she examines how challenges and the response to those challenges can affect and shape a person.

The book’s opening gives details necessary to understand the rest of the story. But soon enough, the reader is rewarded with plenty of action. Watching Alex learn to adapt, survive, and grow, becoming more complex over time, makes him become real, sometimes heartbreakingly so. There are plenty of aha! moments as well as times when the reader is left wanting more answers.

I cannot wait for the next book!


excerpt:  Driven on by a need to locate and secure his wife and children, Alex Martell finds himself thoroughly unprepared as he becomes swept up in global conspiracies and the agendas of competing world powers. Selected and known as the Candidate, he is thrust back in time to the dawn of Western civilization in order to bear witness to a list of historical events. With time working against him as the Intersection Point closes in and determined to salvage his cherished, simple, safe, and sheltered family life, he must weave through history unnoticed and avoid losing himself in the process.



Where to purchase:
Amazon: (6 reviews)

Smashwords – About JL Wolfe, author of ‘The Project Lion Series: The Candidate’

Barnes and Noble:



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