freedom and the hope of potential lies in the Signature, just ask John Hancock

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American was built on signatures.  Who can forget John Hancock, who believed in the democracy and freedom this great republic would provide.  So many people put their faith in that document and specifically on those who signed it.

Freedom meant freedom from tyranny, the tyranny that still imposes itself on Europe and the middle east.  We see the United states succumbing to the pressures of the international bankers and we see our paper fiat with the pictures of all of our forefathers becoming worthless.  The dollar is falling because we put our faith in it, instead of one nation under god.

However, we were built on signatures.  A Mickey Mantle signed autographed rookie card sells for 10,000 dollars.

You might have to put out 75.00 to get the card dna’d psa’d or graded and authenticated.  But you will receive a greater profit from doing this.

The United States of America needs a new paper fiat.  The government wants to introduce a new paper fiat called the Amero.

The people of the united states love memorabilia and they love sports, because they love their American Heros.

This nation was built on the idea of individual freedom, if a man can reach his fruition in his time and in his place, he is an American Hero.  Just ask Tiger Woods, a child prodigy filled with great potential, an almost magical life attaining great heights.

So would it not be just to use signatures to trade and barter with?

Why do I ask this?

In 1993 I was buying baseball cards for my son, they were 50 cents a pack.  I pulled out a signed baseball card of Joe Dimaggio.  I took it to the card shop and the dealer bought it off of me for 500.00 right there out of the pack on the spot.

I paid my rent with it.  I realized that the autograph is a big deal in this country.  I have procured quite a slew of signatures since that time.  The prices rise and fall with the markets.  But they shouldn’t.  Our country was at one time based on the noteriety and greatness that comes with American life.  It’s all about potential.  John Hancock signed in big bold letters to let his English masters know, he believed in this ideal, and he would fight for his freedom, and his right to life liberty and the persuit of happiness.

What signatures should be worth?

Many people understand the power of the signature and it becames popular for American Icons, like Babe Ruth, or John Wayne, or Mohammed Ali to sign their name and give the american people a thrill to have something they signed. It makes people feel they are still apart of something bigger than themselves, the American Dream….

It’s all in the signature.

A piece of cardboard is what you get from chewing gum companies who put pictures of these icons on cardboard so the American people would remember what happens in a free society when someone reaches their potential in their time and in their place.

The Iconoclastic did not stop with sports, as we see that Hollywood is also built on signatures signed in cement to stay forever as a reminder of the greatness one can reach in this free society.

Cassius Clay had to fight for his freedom against the dark forces that wanted him to pick up a gun and kill a yellow man, not based on idealology but because there was gold and silver and oil in Vietnam, and Cassius said no. He would fight for freedom, but he would not kill in the name of his white masters. He stood up to the dictates of a tyrannical government, spent time in jail and traded his slave name for one of Freedom. He gained his freedom from his white slave masters, and persued his career as a great pugilist. He did not disappoint. His skills and talent were the microcosm of the macrocosm. This free society allowed men of any color, race or creed to reach their greatness, and surely Mohammed paid the price for that freedom. How much should his signature be worth?? many thousands.


We have seen the men who have had to fight for this freedom, how they gave up their lives so that this potential would not rot away and return to the ink black ether of void, but would come to fruition, bloom and give full glory to god.

And…many sports are based on the bloodsport. Many connotate real war, war to conquer, the actions of Lucifer. But some sports are played out so that the paths are cleared so we can be safe at home.

Baseball is played on the diamond, a holy geometry for sure. The game is based on the law, and how it is used to keep us safe at home.

So the constitution and the signatures on it, were written big, to keep us safe by combatting those who would undermine and destroy the law.

The Bat, or beth aleph Tav, means house of the whole image, and we use the universal law to fight against the tyranny of lawlessness. When we practice the austerity to keep the laws contemporary and free from malicious attack, we are allowed to persue our potential without fear of reprisal, because we have the law to protect us.

The signatures of all great men who have reached their potential because of the law need to be respected, yes even given a monetary value. What better way to serve the law and the Iconoclastic american dream, then giving the signatures of all of these greats presidence even over the paper fiat of the dollar, an illuminati invention to enslave the people of the world.

I say the people have already decided.  People are collecting signatures like never before, we must keep the American Dream alive, we must pray that our children and grandchildren have the same opportunity to reach their potetntial, to love their lives and to do what they love to do in persuit of life, liberty and the persuit of Happiness.


James Truslow Adams,  coined the phrase:  The American dream,   “It is not a dream of motor cars and high wages merely, but a dream of social order in which each man and each woman shall be able to attain to the fullest stature of which they are innately capable, and be recognized by others for what they are, regardless of the fortuitous circumstances of birth or position.”

So America remember, your birth, and the labor pains, remember those who stuck their necks out so we can live this incredible experience, and remember the dream.

And when a child progeny wows a generation, it is more than serendipty, it is magical, it goes beyond mere mortality, as the child shows it genius to the world.  This is what we hope for, in this all hope springs eternally.  Gregory Smith a child prodigy who will graduate with a master’s degree at the age of  16 is an example of the greatness we feel when we see the child full of potential, who does incredible feats of ingenuity or magic.  It is a magic we all crave.

This is what keeps us believing in the Christ Child, the one who brings redemption to all of us who hope for a better day, a fulfillment of dreams, hope in what we bring forth.

We should celebrate potential, we should celebrate the people who reach this potential.  We all believe in this potential.  We put our hope and trust in it.

This is what we find in the signature, all of our own hopes and dreams as the human experience.  This proves we are not here accidentally, it insures us that life continues and the magic of potential is in all of our reach.

Find your potential, sign your name.

D E Bartley


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