The Mayan Prophecies and sunspots

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Our sun is a giant magnetically based electric generator.

As the angular momentum of the planets pulls on the sun’s equator, it also pulls upon,
and distorts the magnetic forces within the sun.

This tug from the planets takes one complete lap every 87 days. The effect of this is a
winding of the magnetic forces within the sun.

From the sun’s north or south pole, this effect (if we could see magnetic lines of
force) would resemble the ‘swastika’ symbol.

This is an important note as all the ancient cultures of this planet used the
swastika as a symbol at the core of all of their ‘end times’ myths. This symbol did
not originate with the NAZI movement in Germany, and was deliberately
chosen by them due to its fundamental importance to humanity, and civilization.

As each ‘arm’ of the magnetic winding crawls up the surface of the sun, it will pass the
‘magic’ number of 19.45 degrees of latitude. This number is magic as that is where the
sun spots happen, and coincidently where all the storms happen on the gas giants, and such
interesting places as Hawaii happen here on earth. This number is magic as it is also
the point at which the internal hyper dimensional merkaba (interlinked tetrahedrons) will
contact the edge of the sphere we perceive as the sun.

The sun spot cycle is so named as this point of contact between the merkaba and
the manifesting reality of the sun’s surface is where sun spots develop.

These sun spots are to the ‘heart’ of the sun, what a ‘pulse’ is to the heart of a human.

To continue, as the ‘winding pressure’ increases on the sun over time by each 87 day lap,
a larger structure of magnetic pressure is created both internally, and externally to the sun.

This larger pressure builds within the huge forces tugging on the magnetic structure of the
sun over a period in excess of 11,500 years.

The result of the pressures is a level of chaotic ‘tension’ in the magnetic structure
of the sun. As the pressures bend the magnetic arms of the sun, and they crawl up
the sun like windings of string around a ball, they will cross the 19.45 latitude. If they
happen to do so when the internal rotation of the merkaba is coincident, a sun spot will
form and it will continue as long as the winding arm is synchronized with the rotation, usually
about 25 days or so.

As the forces pressuring the magnetic structure of the sun increase with time, the pressures
can naturally be expected to build until a ‘breaking point’ is reached. ALL of the ancient
warnings via myth and symbols point to the ‘breaking point’ of the sun spot cycle as
THE KEY indicator of a pending pole and crustal shift here on earth (as well as other planets).

The reason that the pressures on the magnetic structure of the sun results in a pole, and
crustal shift here on earth is due to our own planet’s magnetic nature.

Our planet is basically a ‘dirt and water covered’ magnetic generator similar to the
core of the sun.

The magnetic health of our planet is directly tied to the sun. As a note worthy fact,
the magnetosphere protecting our earth has weakened constantly these last 10,000 years.

No longer healthy, as in the above graphic, our magnetosphere is both

weak, and full of holes that are growing over these last few years.

As the sun’s magnetic structure nears its ‘breaking point’ relative to the pressures exerted
by the angular momentum, it will expand in a spherical fashion outward as the 11 (there
is that number again, hmmmm?) centuries of stress are ‘blown off’.

The following graphics illustrate this process.

Any resemblance between these illustrations and recent crop circles is entirely
a meaningful coincident manifestation of reality.

As may be expected, having the magnetic sphere of the sun expand and bulge out
past the orbits of the inner planets likely will have an impact on earth since we are
one of the inner planets.

The thinking is that a magnetic ‘bow wave’ will be followed by a Coronal Mass Ejection
(CME), which is what the PowersThatBe seem most afraid to encounter.

However the real danger to the planet comes from the magnetic bow wave itself.
Especially when we have a diminished, and weakened magnetosphere.

The impact of the magnetic discharge from the sun will overwhelm what is left of earth’s
protective magnetosphere and initiate both a pole and a crustal shift. Details of this process
may be found in Geryls’ books.

The effects will be profound.

As the inner core of the earth rotates due to the impacting magnetic solar discharge, the
actual physical alignment of the earth will change from our current positions.

Pre Shift:

Potential Post Shift:

Other view:

Coincidentally (curious, eh?) the pyramids at the Giza plateau are in the exact center
of the planetary landmasses. This begs the question of why? As a marker perhaps as to
the center of rotation of the planet under such circumstances as a free floating crust?
Bearing in mind that there is no ‘down’ in space, when the crust of the earth rotates, its
position and point of rotation will be determined by gravity as determined by what
object in space is closest to the ‘center of mass’ of the earth, conveniently marked by
the Giza pyramids. The two candidates that we have to specifically affect our rotation
are the moon, and the sun. Though smaller, the moon is closest, and if it may be
a primary determinate for how these periodic crustal spins resolve themselves.

It can be seen from the illustrations above that such a mechanism would account for
the multitudinous effects that are currently manifesting in our solar system, as well
as the previous fossil, and geologic records of such cataclysms, and it does so without
requiring any extra-solar system spatial or positioning inputs or energies.

Further it can be noted (from reading Geryls books) that the math involved is both precise
and predictable, for us as well as our ancestors.

Geryls book, and web site,,
both contain strategies as well as ancient
historical reference from humans who have survived. This of course, is the personal key
to all of this. NOTE: Humans have survived this in the past. Your very existence is living
proof of that. No reason that humans can’t survive it again. Of course, time is very short
(as of November 3, 2009, less than 1144 days remain if the Mayan long count is accurate),
and energies and resources must be used very intelligently in the time remaining.

What if Geryl (and us nutters here at HPH) are wrong? Well, then the solar system is
still seriously disturbed by *something*. As are all the planets. And earth is clearly in
crisis, and getting worse. So the question then is, if we are wrong, how are we injured by
preparing for a crustal shift (in the immediate future)? Hmmmm. Let’s see, store food…ok,
that works either way. Have an unsinkable boat…ok, that can be a pocket cruiser if not
needed as our planetary life boat, and can be used if civil chaos descends to stand off shore.
Or can be used as an emergency RV if earthquake….et cetera.

And all the while noting that the level of stress on the planet is rising toward
some form of crescendo….

and ThePowersThatBe both know about it, and are constantly telling you about it. If you
are American, pull out the 1/One dollar bill. This note from the private elitist organization
known as the federal reserve bank which is not part of your federal government, has no
reserves, and is not a bank, but *is* hugely tied to all kinds of secret societies, tells you every
time you handle its 1/one dollar note, that they know what is coming. Look to the back of the
bill, look under the pyramid with the strange symbol of the floating eye above it. There
you will see the words ‘novus ordo seclorum’, which actually translates as ‘new order
of the ages’. Note that it is wrong to think this means ‘new world order’, rather the
word ‘ages’ means ‘astrologic or zodiac ages’. And the pole and crustal shift is intimitely
involved with a new ordering of the zodiac ages. Such symbols about what
ThePowersThatBe actually do know are everywhere, and are a fascinating study in and
of themselves, but we simply don’t have the luxury of time for that any more.

The facts of the matter are that such pole and crustal shifts have happened repeatedly in the
near and far past, so denial of the potential under these circumstances is more willful than
scientific. And it only takes observation of the global chemtrail agenda, or the visual changes
in the sun over these last 10 years to understand that big transitions are occurring. Plus, even
the mostly gutless NASA folks are actually saying that solar cycle 24 will be exceptionally
active. And solar cycle 24 coincidentally peaks in….2012. Hmmmmm?!

If the sun spot cycle mechanism is accurate, will there be pre-cursors? You betcha’. No
doubt about it. And it can be postulated that the cracking of the Indo-Australian tectonic
plate in the tsunami causing earthquake of 2004 is within the expected precursors. Other indicators
are (will continue to be) increasing earthquakes, and other tectonic plate cracks. Further signs
will come from solar behavior as well as the impacts of solar radiations here on earth.
The radiation impacts will include damages to plants, and animals. Further as the pressures
within the sun continue to build in the last days (perhaps weeks, maybe even months)
before the energetic release, there are likely to be predictable effects throughout the solar
system. Most of these will be of electric or magnetic nature and may include truly bizarre
problems such as rapid changes in magnetic and electric properties of metal things here on
earth. Further, the sun’s magnetic output would predictably become increasingly subject to
‘fits’ of chaotic expulsions (CME’s), as well as, very erratic sun spot activity as the magnetic
fields become distorted to extremes. The electrical problems here on terra would include
our communications satellites going wonky, perhaps even to the point of failure. This should
happen some months prior to the energetic release by the sun. Other predictable electric
effects will include strange ‘ground’ properties and static discharges of note at specific
spots on the planet (internal hyper dimensional locations). It would seem likely that the
planet would also continue to heat up internally in spite of atmospheric cooling. Thus the
oceans will continue to warm, and the ice melt at the poles, even as large snow masses
begin to build in formerly temperate zones. It seems likely that a large ice release from
Antarctica is probable in the last year or so prior to the shift. This will be related to an
increase in ‘energies from space’ that should have (in general) 2009 be ‘warmer’ in
the northern hemisphere winter, with both 2010 and 2011 exhibiting exceptionally odd
warming patterns, especially at the poles. This will lead to some spectacular ice ‘releases’
in both north and south poles.



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