Scifi sunday’s present’s “A snatch hatch catch

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One thing Daniel could never accustom his senses to was the foul air found within the confines of most stables. The stench of animals and their excretions sent him for the door in a hurry. Unfortunately the job of guarding his employer’s trade wagon put him in contact with stables on an almost daily basis. He reached the outside air and took in a deep breath hoping to expel the lingering stench that filled his lungs.

Mr Walker emerged from the stables shortly after, a wide smile playing on his face. He was the wagon driver and he was a few years older than Daniel. From their frequent conversations, Daniel had found out the man was married, though it wasn’t an overly happy union. Mr Walker was also a man who loved his drink, claimed it helped him forget, but at the rate he drank, he should have forgotten everything years ago.

“This is the best part of the day.” Walker’s smile never left his face. “The work is done and the inn is open.” Without bothering for a reply, he plunged down the street towards the inn they had spotted during the ride through town.

Daniel took one last glance at the stables. One of the hands was already locking the doors. They had already dropped off the cargo, but he never felt quite safe leaving the wagon in the hands of local stable hands. Of course the alternative was to remain in the stables to watch it, which meant enduring the smell of the place for an entire night. No, he’d take his chances that the wagon would be there come morning.

He took off after Walker and the two soon found themselves at the inn. Before entering, Daniel took a quick look around. Nothing struck him as out of the ordinary, but an older woman, with grey streaks in her dark hair, was giving the two of them a strange look. There was something to her slight grin that did not sit well with him.

He put a re-assuring hand on the grip of his weapon and turned to enter the inn. He was not worried about being robbed, the gold they secured from the sale of their goods would be collected in the morning, but a bad feeling began to build inside him. His instincts did not always prove right, but one could never be too cautious when in a strange town.

They found an empty table and soon were enjoying local brewed ale. They ordered food and drank while they waited for it.

“Piss.” Walker said with a frown.

“Excuse me?”

“My wife says all ale tastes like animal piss.” Walker emptied his first glass and motioned the barmaid for another. “I always wondered how she knew what animal piss tasted like.”

Oh great, Walker was going to complain about his wife the entire evening. The nearer they drew to the end of another delivery, the more vocal the man’s distaste for his wife became. And once he became intoxicated…the demon’s swarmed around him.

“Ignorant obese chum feeding great white……” Walker was growing impatient at the time it was taking the waitress to deliver his next drink.

Did he mean his wife or the barmaid? He never met the man’s wife, but the bar maid wasn’t that fat…well, nothing a few drinks couldn’t fix. Daniel sighed, it wasn’t even dark outside yet, it was far too early in the evening to have to begin to listen to Walker’s rants.

The barmaid came over with another ale and Walker’s smile returned. He seemed to settle down some as he dove into his second glass.

The door opened and Daniel glanced over, he had a habit of checking out newcomers to the room he was in. This time he was in for a shock, it was someone familiar to him. Shiela Doolittle the prettiest girl in Dodge. What could she possibly be doing here?

She looked around the room and her eyes locked on him. A smile formed on her face as she made her way over.

“Daniel ! Am I glad to run into someone I know!”

“Hello Miss Doolittle.” He motioned to an empty chair. “Have a seat.”

She sat down and after smiling to Mr Walker she turned her attention back to Daniel..

“So what brings you here?”

“My father has business in these parts and he had to take care of a few problems. I felt like traveling with him, sometimes Dodge can be so boring…”

Daniel nodded in agreement. “Where is Mr. Doolittle?” Her father was wealthy, but he was a fair man, Daniel had much respect for him. When a terrible drought had hit the town a few years back, Mr. Doolittle delved into his personal finances to help everyone out and never asked for any of it back.

“He retired early; the long trip has worn him out.”

“A long trip can do that…” Traveling could be a chore, but it could also be exciting and visiting new places was never dull. “Shame, I would have liked to have said hello.”

“Perhaps you’ll run into him in the morning.”


Mr Walker put his glass down and stretched his arms before standing. “I have had enough for tonight.” He winked at Daniel, knowingly,. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

He walked out of the inn, no doubt heading for another. The man could complain, but he had the forthwith of thought to excuse himself so Daniel could deal with his newfound female companion without interruption.

They enjoyed a few drinks and Daniel regaled her with his tales of life on the road. She did not speak much and seemed hesitant to mention any of her recent exploits. This seemed rather strange to him for she was usually a talkative person. He attributed it to her strange surroundings.

As the night wore on it was obvious she was growing tired as she began to yawn frequently. She made no mention of it, so he realized he should broach the subject.

“It is late and I should get some sleep, I do have an early morning.”

She looked disappointed. “Would you mind escorting me to where I am staying? I have a place at an inn a few blocks away.”

“Of course.” He stood up and after throwing some coins on the bar to cover the tip, he helped her to her feet and led her out of the inn.

It did not take them long to reach the place she was staying and she invited him to see her to her room. He obliged with little hesitation.

When they made it to her door, she suddenly jumped into his arms and kissed him on the mouth. He was somewhat taken aback by her aggressive demeanor, back home she shied away from any sort of physical contact. He wasn’t going to complain however, this was a moment he long dreamed about.

“Would you like to come inside?” She said after finally breaking away from the kiss.

“Sure…” He was able to say after the moment sunk in.

She led him into the room and closed the door. With a wide smile on her face she unfastened her blouse and let it drop to the floor. Her exposed breasts were a sight to behold; he could not wait until he was fondling them. She loosened her skirt and it fluttered to the floor. She had sensational legs and as his eyes roamed upwards, his brain locked as he was witness to something quite unnatural. Did this woman really have a…..penis!??

He couldn’t finish the thought as she came in and struck him hard in the jaw. The force sent him backwards and he collapsed in a heap. Despite her diminutive size it felt like he had been kicked by a mule. Everything began to grow blurry as he tried unsuccessfully to stand.

She stood over him, something quite unmentionable dangling between her legs. But it did look like a Vagina, a Vagina with teeth, and it kept smacking it’s lips. This must be that snapping pussy he once heard about. Just moments ago she was exploring his mouth with her tongue…he felt nauseous. Her face had changed; it was no longer that of Sheila. He tried to place it and after a moment it came to him, she was the old woman who had been watching him outside the inn. He could not understand what was going on.

“Your intelligence is limited…but I must have something to sustain myself.” She leaned down and placed her hands on his shoulders pinning him to the floor.

He struggled with all his might, but he was unable to break free. She…he…whatever it was…it possessed incredible strength.

“Such a primitive species…” She smiled. “I am going to have such fun. Oh, if only you saw the look on the men who freed me. They thought they had stumbled onto a long forgotten treasure, instead they found me.”  She laughed.  “I am still weak…and this town provides little sustenance. Your wagon will take me to a greater city, with powerful people…power I will consume…”

“What…is that?” Daniel asked pointing to her body part?

“I call it my snatch hatch.”

Her smile elongated as her vagina twisted into an impossibly large formation. Her legs opened exposing a row of sharp teeth. She lowered her body down and her vagina continued to expand until it was nearly as large as Daniel’s head. The last thing he saw was darkness as she slurped his entire head inside her snatch.. There was a loud snap and then nothing.

Mr Walker drummed his fingers on the side of the wagon. He checked the reigns on the horse for the fifth time. He sighed and shook his head when he saw someone come around the side of the stables.

“What took you so long?”

A sly smile was Daniel’s only reply.

Hasting returned his grin. “You better tell me how last night went.”

“Oh believe me; I plan to tell you all about it., every Gorey detail.”

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