morning raid

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Emily opened her eyes and focused on the ceiling for a minute, then she jumped out of bed suddenly, as if it had been infested with bugs. She pulled one of her favorite blankets after her, the backyardagains , she climbed into Anthony’s spiderman bed,

“Ant, wake up, come on, wit me”

Emily paused at the top of the stairs, holding the railing and listened for a moment. Anthony was toddling behind her trying to keep up. Just Mom snoring. Good, daddy wasn’t home yet, she thought. Dad will be surprised. She grinned and started down the stairs. Her little feet padded across the carpet all the way down towards the kitchen. The Sandman came again last night, she noticed along the way. Why does he have to come every night? She grumbled and tried to rub the sleep dust out of her eyes. Anthony complained, “I wanna sleep, Em.”

When she reached the kitchen pantry, she stopped short in front of it and immediately lost interest in removing the sleep dust. She dropped her precious blanket right there on the floor too and ventured, still half asleep, into the pantry.

She looked up, way up at all the shelves towering above her, and saw her goal: a yellow cereal box on the top shelf. Her jaw dropped open for a split second as she stared way up there, then she closed it quickly. “I’m gonna get it for Daddy,” she resolved, nodding to herself. “get me the chair, “ she ordered her brother.

She glared at the box as hard as she could, but the box did not come down. She narrowed her eyes at the box and placed her hands on her hips, but the box still did not come down.
“Fine, be that way.” She said to the box and stuck her tongue out at it.

Soon, she decided to solve this predicament differently. She pushed up the sleeves of her pink princess nightgown in preparation then rose up on her toes and reached up to the fourth shelf with determination. Her little fingers didn’t even come close to reaching that shelf. She came back down off her toes and characteristically stuck out her bottom lip. “I wanna be big like Mom and Dad,” She told Anthony.

She pondered for a moment, then pulled up one of her socks that had fallen down and ran over to the dining room, sliding along the floor. I’ll be bigger on a chair, she reasoned. She grabbed hold of one of the big black chairs at the dining room table and pulled it all the way back to the pantry Anthony just watched. She picked up the blanket which had been absent-mindedly discarded earlier and threw it out of the way (back onto the floor of course) then walked around to the other side of the chair.

Sticking her little nose up into the air, she began pushing the chair into the pantry. It stopped. Annoyed, she walked around the chair to investigate.

“it’s stuck em” Anthony whispered.

The doorway had stopped the chair. Let us in, she thought. She furrowed her eyebrows down and walked back around the chair. She tugged the chair back, then drove it towards the pantry again. And once again, the doorway stopped the chair. Unimpressed, she gritted her teeth and with fierce determination tugged the chair back yet again, then rammed it as hard as she could towards the pantry, leaning all of her weight into it. A loud bang echoed.
“Shit.” She said.

She froze, mouth open, and listened to see if Mom woke up. She didn’t want to get in trouble. Luckily there were no sounds coming from upstairs.
Anthony complained “you have a potty mouth.”

Hmpf,” she said and climbed up into the chair. She sat down and crossed her arms, perturbed at the stupid doorway and stupid chair. She sat there for a minute, with her bottom lip stuck out, eyebrows furrowed down and arms crossed defiantly, mad at the furniture and mad at Anthony.

Done with making her point to the stubborn doorway, she scooted down off the big black chair and towed it all the way back to the table in the dining room. Then she pulled up her other sock and looked around.

Anthony spotted grandma’s stool in the corner of the room and grinned. He walked over to it, grabbed hold of it and wiggled it around like Mom always does before she uses it. Satisfied that he had done what big people did, he dragged it over to the pantry. Emily put it in front of the shelves and climbed up on it.

“You have to be a good climber like me to get stuff when you’re four,” she noted. She stood up on the stool as it wobbled and her nose was level with the fourth shelf. “Daddy’s cereal is right there, he’s gonna be proud of me,” she said to Anthony and almost jumped in excitement.

She grabbed hold of the yellow cereal box but it was too big and it tumbled to the floor, half of it’s contents spilling all over.. Anthony reached down and started to eat the cheerios that had fallen out of the box.

“No, don’t bad boy, Anthony, those are Daddy’s.” Emily yelled.

Emily picked up the box, and threw the cereal from the floor back into the box, Anthony, Was right behind her eating as many as he could before she got them all.

Her job was all done, she nodded, picked up her Backyardagains blanket from the floor, stuck her little nose back up into the air and marched with the cereal box into the living room. She got comfy under the blanket on the couch, turned on the weekday morning cartoons and waited for Daddy to get home from his night time job. He always watched Sponge Bob Square pants with her and Anthony in the morning and shared his cereal. She liked that, it was her favorite time of the day.

She yawned. She was still sleepy from getting up early and even more tuckered out by all that hard work. Soon she couldn’t keep her eyes open. She fell asleep curled up on the couch under the blanket with last nights faery dust still in her eyes, Anthony laid down next to her. She hugged the Cheerios box close to her while she slept so that Anthony wouldn’t take them away. They were for her Daddy.

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