An unamed guest on Scifi Sunday

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In a correctional facility bus, there are no emergency exits. I suppose in a critical situation, convicts are expendable. This is one of those thoughts I randomly have, one of the thoughts we all randomly have, it can’t be avoided, and you can’t pretend like it never existed, it just… is. This is my metaphor for Sparky , that friend who just is. No one knows where he came from, or how he ended up here, in fact, I’m one of the few people who know his name., I met him at my reunion party……

The party I had thrown for a school reunion “celebration” had long since wound down. Sparky and I sat face to face, on opposite sides of what a real estate agent would refer to as “my modern condo.”

“Chris.” the single word dripped out of his mouth, almost in perfect unison with the smoke that poured from his lips and nostrils as he lowered his menthol cigarette.

“What?” I almost felt bad for the snap that came with the question.

“You never thanked me Chris.” Insisted Sparky

“Thanked you for what?”

he laughed a small chuckle as he took another drag from his cigarette. “You could thank me for this party.”

“This was my party. Why are you still here?” I was very inebriated at this point, it was hard for me to tell when Sparky was speaking and when I was speaking, but the conversation would have been the same either way.

“I’m here because you want me to be.” Sparky insisted. “You need me to be here, buddy.”

“How stoned are you?” I kept having a recurring thought with every word I spoke, it felt as if our lives and motions were being dictated by some unknown writer with nothing better to do with his time then write short stories.

“Short stories?” Sparky looked up in confusion… was I speaking out loud? “Chris, why don’t you thank me for getting rid of your girlfriend?”

“What the hell are you talking about? And why do you keep saying my name?!” Chris yelled.

“To remind you of who’s speaking, Chris. I would hate to keep an audience guessing.” His words confused me, they seemed to spin around my head like a jigsaw puzzle just waiting to be arranged in such a fashion that they will create a somewhat visible snapshot of reality.

I could still remember the blood stains all over the back of the garage where we, or Sparky had cut her up and put her in black plastic bags and into my Cherokee. I vowed never to drive that Jeep again, Sparky said he’d drive it. Sparky took care of everything, even hosed down the garage, when we got back. I left the Jeep deep in the woods covered it with branches after Sparky dumped her in the river…..

“Should have sunk the damn Jeep too.” Sparky complained.

Looking around the room, I was sick at the thought of having to clean up the empty beer cans which had been strewn about by numerous faceless guests…..

“A simple thank you, Chris.” his cigarette never seemd to die down, I began to wonder if it was even really there. “Where would you be without me man?”

“I would be sane… I wouldn’t be drunk… I wouldn’t be rambling about, with my words coming back at me to haunt me, I’d be free……”

“You’re insane.”

“You’re the reason.” Sparky’s face grew angrier and angrier with every word I spoke. I began to worry that I would upset him to a point where I would never see him again.

“How could you not see me?”

“How can I see you now?” I began to wonder if even he knew that he was a figment of my imagination. “My therapist told me you only exist because I want you to. Because I have a strange subconscious need to separate reality from my fantasies.”

“And my face?”


“My eyes?”


he knew what was happening, he knew it had to happen. I knew that if I was ever going to get out of this hellhole, away from these bars, these prison walls, it had to happen. It saddened me to see Sparky go that night… But he’ll be back, Sparky always comes back. He’s the faceless guest who’s name nobody knows except for me, he’s the one who always shows up unannounced…….

Suddenly the guard unlocked the bars to his cell, Come on Chris get up, you
have a new cell mate, I know don’t thank me, But let me introduce you two,

“Chris Dinardo, this is Sparky Anders, and vica versa.” No fighting, and no
bullshit or it’s darkness for 30 days get it??” The guard demanded.

“I’d rather be in the hole” Chris yelled.

Sparky laughed, “damn fella, that’s a fine how do you do.”

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