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There are many schools of thought that select vegetarianism as an ethical stance based on the fact that animals have sentience. This has been backed up time and time again by many ancient religious systems. So many I had no idea of it until the other day when someone directed me to a place where many of the quotes were assembled. From the old testament to Bhudda the message seems clear. But why is this? Here is the quandry presented by my mind. I dub it the Vegan quandry.

I have looked into several definitions of sentience. The ones’ believed a few decades ago were rather narrow-minded, as they required the subject to be able to use tools. Not being able to use tools eliminated them from the possibility of being sentient. This was mostly done as a Geno centric (homo-sapiens-centric) view as promptly thereafter many examples were found in the animal kingdom of creatures other than man who use tools. Those who utilized tool-wielding as a criteria for sentience, quickly changed their tune.

Now, the definition seems to be, is a creature self-aware? This can be defined by exhibition of emotion and preference. Using this new non-geno centric criteria scientists began to measure the relative intelligence of different animals. Dogs perform at a four year old to a six year old’s level of intelligence. Parrots perform at a six or seven year old’s level. Different animals are now placed on this comparative chart… but we’re still comparing them to us. Its still homo-sapiens-centric. So do we take comfort in eating only the lower end of the intelligence scale?

But, by definition when we use such a scale, we are comparing a creature’s intelligence to our own intelligence. So again, we are geno centric. Though truthfully not as geno centric as before. So the Vegan solution is to abhor meat in its entirety. To eat only vegetables.

Here’s the quandry… what if the plant kingdom exhibits some sort of sentience we are currently incapable of comprehending. To then choose to eat them over those creatures more like us… those creatures in the animal kingdom… such a choice very nearly smacks of geno centricity and prejudice. But what is the alternative? Maybe by the time we can communicate effectively with plants we’ll have developed some sort of artificial food. But that is the Vegan quandry. Plants, too, are life. We as living creatures must somehow destroy life by consuming it to survive.
How is it ethical or unethical to consume one sort of life and not another by solely basing the decision on degree of comparative sentience with homo sapiens? After
all we eat what is dead, to keep it alive. All of our food is cut off from the
vine or the source of life when we devour it. Therefore it is in the state we
know as death, unless we are eating the seed bearing fruit or vegetable.

Well, there are quite a few good reasons for becoming a vegetarian or vegan (I see a distinction between the two). The first I can see is the massive overpopulation problem the world is developing. Logistically speaking, meat is a terribly inefficient food product as far as land, water, time, and feeding are concerned.

Another reason is that of compassion or religion. I was flabbergasted by the people who advocated a non-meat diet… Mohammed, the Bhudda, Einstein, Da Vinci… and the list goes on and on.

A third reason is preference for plant or an allergy against meat Though at the moment I’m inclined to try doing away with meat for a time… I myself have minor allergies to beans (Including soy), peanuts, and yeast. So if I were to go vegetarian, my protein sources would be nearly nil unless I wanted to run the risk of exacerbating the allergies. I mean I don’t notice them now. The yeast allergy is negligable… but peanuts and beans of any type, though I love tham, can cause me severe gastro-intestinal distress. So while a lot of people are predisposed to vegetarianism due to allergy… I’m predisposed toward carnivorousness.
I do, however, see the point the vegans make Life is less complicated, and
there is less violent tendencies among non meat eaters.

Of particular interest to me and somewhat agree with that point. What I was trying to say… is that life itself is valuable. Plants are living things as well… though they are quite very different from us animals… They are life. So the question I’ve been bouncing around is some sort of artificial food. Something that doesn’t require you to kill at all. Like the ‘Beef Vats’ of science fiction where vast ammounts of cow stem cells are cultured and grown into muscle tissue in an organic bath. It would be ‘alive’ insofar as it was a colony of living cells… but it would be life that we grew and created specifically to eat and fuel our own life. It wouldn’t require the death of a plant or an animal.

The best theory is that when eating fruit, you’re not harming the plant itself, you’re only consuming a special part of the plant that was produced as a lure for animals to coax them into doing the plant a favor by distributing it’s seeds over a wider area than the plant could manage on it’s own.

I want to impress upon you what is normal for a person that eats a natural diet and stays active. A raw vegan diet mainly consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables and a small amount of nuts or seeds. A low fat raw diet. I know there has been some
controversy over the protein issues, because there has been controversy within the raw community lately on which is better.

You see, the longer I’ve followed eating simple whole raw foods and stayed active regularly, the more benefits I experience. Not a ‘hollywood’ style raw diet, or the gourmet raw food diet, or a high fat raw diet, or the raw junk food diet. Mainly simple fruits and vegetables, leafy green salads, and smoothies. This goes along with the theory I uncovered in Arnold Ehret’s Mucules Diet Healing System and in Paul Nison’s talk ‘The Formula for Health’ that the less obstruction you have in your body, the greater the power and more importantly, the vitality you experience. You see, the fewer obstructions you ‘put’ in your body, ie, cooked and processed foods, stress and toxins in the form of mucus, the more vitality you experience. And after almost 5 years of being 100% raw, with many adjustments, tests, trials and errors, I’ve finally and clearly experienced that greater vitality. It’s been sneaking up on me the last few months and none clearer than today.

Another factor was conditioning. Although I hadn’t hiked during the winter, I stayed active working out at least 6 days a week. Normally 30-45 minutes a day including running and body weight exercises. I add my own twists to expand different exercises and create a quick routine where I can exercise at home fast or at my local park. No equipment or health club expenses, just a quick daily workout routine.

Drinking vegetable juices exclusively will add years to your life. Jack LaLane,
is living proof. Drinking fresh juice from vegetables and herbs such as parsley
and basil, oregano, chives, and garlic greens, does wonders to unobstruct your
colon. Eating fresh raw fibre keeps you running smoothly.

I know some people like yogurt with it’s active culture, and some eat eggs for
protein, and some people need the milk and honey, but raw fruits and vegetables
were made for the human soul. It is the true soul food. If you eat fruit with
seeds, the seeds do not perish, they will flow off somewhere, and find a sport
to germinate and will bring forth fruit trees bearing fruit. This was how it
was meant to be. Sure some people need their pound of flesh. But is it a need
or a want?? There is much more brainpower in fresh fruits and vegetables then
in the proteins found in meat. It’s meat makes ’em mad. Eating meat, no
matter how ‘organic’ brings dis ease to the human body. Eating meat heightens
cholesterol, brings on diabetes, and old age much faster.

We need only look at the meat eaters of the US to see the debilitating dis ease
of Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s has all the constiuents of Mad Cow’s disease, and
I often wonder if it is really mad cow’s disease. Pork kills. You are what
you eat, beit a chicken or a pig. The mercury found in fish is ten times higher
than it was just 25 years ago. The waters are poluted, the seas have become
dumping grounds for waste that does not disintegrate, and the effect is sea
polution unseen in human history. Fish that are caught routinely show tumors
and brain and liver disease, sure the fishermen cuts off the head, and cleans
the inners, but you are eating the flesh of sickly, diseased fish. 85 percent
of the Tuna caught has cancerous tumors. The rivers and oceans are filled with
human waste, and run off from human feces.

Organic raw vegetables might be the only food left for humanity after the animals
and fish are all gone. Humanity’s habitat is polluted and it is killing the eco
system. White nose fungus on bats, and the mass death of the honey bee point to
the horror of technology.

To produce a lb of flesh, an animal, take an angus beef cow, must consume 300 lbs
of vegetables have room to roam, and a place to sleep, the labor is intensive to
herd the cattle, and they must be shot full of drugs and antibiotics, and can
contract mad cow’s hoof and mouth, anthrax, influenza, and a myriad of other
maladies before slaughter. It is actually wasteful to prep cattle, and raise
them to produce meat. Farmers take short cuts, and instead of wasting any of
the dead carcasses that abound on these farms, they grind them up and feed them
to other living animals being raised as food, and use thier bones to fertilize
their soil. You can see why the eco system is in such a bad state of affairs.

In the beginning the mist went up, the tiller came down. Man was supposed to
be the seed sower in the field. If we are all sentient beings, we are supposed
to be consciouslly aware, omnipresent, but we are in the fallen state, and
only our ego and what it desires matters. We are literally eating ourselves
out of house and home.

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  1. The plants were made to be consumed, as they would die if not harvested. There is intelligence in the fact that this is the food that keeps us healthy; this is due to the chemical structures of the organic compounds in all living things. Since we have to kill the animals and cook them, the compounds turn inorganic, and so our bodies cannot derive much benefit from them. The enzymes in plants are what keep the nutrients from dying. This is a built-in system to allow the living process to be extended until the time it is eaten, whereas the enzymes do not exist in dead and cooked meat.
    Plants convert solar energy into nutrition. The sun is the life force. The plant is birthed by the mother, our earth. We are one with this energy, which lives on when the nutrition fuels our cells, our lives! Therefore the plants do not die, they only change form.

    Food for thought.

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