Love vs. Will

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Let’s understand the simultaneously born mind.
Crowley was the conduit, that is he never realized the law that would
manifest his angel of light. Einstein who took a walk up the garden path, did. The point
is that men now bow down to the lesser light. It is why men fear other men getting their
hands on nuclear power. This is because men do not realize that the point of origin and
the point of annihliation are the same point. this would totally negate the power of
the lesser light. something that needs to manifest itself in the here and now.

Crowley used the rite of the dark mother, (his wife took on the personna of Aiwass,
and the book was dictated to him through her. He used black magick. What he did
after was to study the book the rest of his life. this angel of light came to position
himself over mankind, it is exactly why Crowley wrote the Equinox of the gods.
Crowley was not a hippie, he went to extremes, he ate his own feces, he re ate his vomit, and
made himself enjoy it. He was putting everything in reverse. If you had read Crowley
you would understand why he did what he did and what his true motives were. Crowley
would laugh that you called him a hippie. He was far from a peace, dove, victory sign
child of love. He put everthing in reverse. I can see why everyone lives in such
darkness. But the darkest hour is just before dawn. Crowley put everything in reverse to go against love, to go against the natural order. To go against I
shall be that which I shall be.

Now crowley understood it was a lesser light and not the light of love. The light of
will is the lesser light. Love under will is subverting will under love. He purposely did
the reverse. Remember he was extracting this light from the abyss and as such he
was using Abara ha adabara, he had reversed the verbal usage, and he reversed
the word, he inverted purposely inverted it to extract the light that was brought to
a standstill. And in order to extract the light from carbon consciousness he needed to
reverse the law of light into matter. When he acheived this the angel of this light
manifested, and manifested in the physical as everything does as a law. E =mc squared.
Another mind was able to recognize the physical law in that way.

all of you people are to understand the spirit?? This angel of light manifested
itself as E=mc squared, the proof was in the Tungooska event. I have already explained
all of this.

The point of all of this is to conquer the limit we call death. Men now bow down to
this lesser light. Crowley was into metaphysics, and by the verbal anouncement as I speak
I create, he loosed this angel of a lesser light. He himself did not recognize the
manifestation, if he had, he himself would have brought forth the theory of relativity. Most avatars or men of great spirit manifest the law that they bring
forth by the word of their own mouth. Crowley was the beast, he was the ignorant
servant, who helped bring about the recognition of a law that manifested after he
had opened the door and called it forth, giving credence to it by respectfully
calling the angel by it’s proper name.

so now we come to simultaneously borne mind. Einstein had been working on his thesis
and he was sweeping the floor when he had an epiphany. In fact in his autobiography, he states
quite seriously that he had an epiphany, the likes of which he would never have again.
This was not the immaculate concept. Never the less the law that divides, (the 72 names
of god) pillar of fire in Exodus, that separated the israelites from the egyptians is what
solomon used to bound this angel of the lesser light in the second heaven. Crowley
reversed the process. What he found was the key, he took the caph from the qoph and
replaced it with the Heh. He found the key to unlock the chains that had bound satan in the second heaven.

Fear is the key, fear seems to stop everyone from looking in the right direction. It’s simple
enough to find. All of the mechanics were in place thanks to Newton. Crowley need only
reverse them. There is a correlation between what Crowley did and
what Einstein did. In fact they were both giving and receiving at the exact moment. A
split second in time. And once crowley wrote down all of the semantics and Einstein wrote
his special theory of relativity, it was now a written word. And then we have the mushroom
on June 30, 1908 at exact 7:17 am. The actual physical manifestation of a angel of the lesser light as a law, thought of, spoken of, and now seen.
Thought word deed, the act of creation.

I really don’t have to go through it all again. No one here can refute it. You might call me
crazy but I understand it totally. Irrefuteably. The angel of the lesser light was bound
hand and foot in the second heaven, we like to call it the land of the dead or the
bardo state. This was his domain, so he had to keep the idea or belief of the limit of death
among the sons of the earth. Now he can only bring all matter back to it’s point of origin,
which he would rather call the point of annihilation.

Crowley went in reverse. No wonder most of the entities in this world know nothing but the sides of the pit. He put everything in reverse. Up until this point, the
occult had made very little headway. That’s why those who think they are the head
(ainsoph) are truly the tail. At least Crowley had an understanding of what he was trying
to do. He was trying to commune with an angel, and he knew it was not god. And
when he put everything in reverse, so did einstein. After all creation is taking light and
bringing it to a standstill, aka matter. So while Crowley reversed the heavenly plane to unlock the door to the abyss,
Einstein seen it manifest on the physical. The release of this lesser light changed
human history, but we do not have to bow down to this light. It has made every man
on earth fear the limit of death. And that is exactly what satan wants, he wants everyone
to believe in the limit of death. So how do you destroy the power of death?? Death
only gets it’s power from your own individual belief in it. Satan ruled over the
bardo state, or the state we call death for a thousand years, bound hand and foot
he know the light of death. He has brought it back with him, to swallow up
everyone, and enslave them in his light.

Houdini understood that men would be put in an untenable position. He was one of the
greatest escape artists that ever lived. He escaped many different self imposed prisons,
because the name of god is (I shall be that which I shall be) the correct interpretation
being “I can live through this experience.” And the whole scope of the lesser light is
total destruction. Not just death, but annihilation. How to overcome the point of
annihilation?? Understand that the point of origin is the point of annihilation

Love is greater than will, because love allows all of nature to prosper. Will
dictates it therefore continually usurps and destroys. Because of Will over
love, the womb can not produce unconditionally. The womb when allowed to produce
freely and uncondtionally becomes the Holy Shekinah or the presences of God on
earth. Bringing forth as the uncondtional womb, the holy Shekinah does not
point in the direction “Why not that?” it creates from all directions at once
as the random equation of natural selection. This is was and always will be
the immaculate concept.

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