How to grow a vegetable garden, from seeds to harvest

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It’s time to start planning a vegetable garden. Whether you want to do it in
pots, or you have room in the Back yard its a good idea to grow some vegetables.
Tomatoes are always the staple of any vegetable garden. There are patio tomatoes
grape, cherry, roma, and of course beefsteak. If you can’t grow from seed, local
grocery stores and produce stores will have beds of Tomatoes that you can buy.
I personally grow from seed. So I start my tomatoes in February to plant on
May 1. Of course you can grow tomatoes in pots, make sure the pot can be
well watered and well drained. Put small rocks in the botton of the pot, so
that water will be drawn to the bottom, use a good top soil mixture, or dirt
from your back yard, mix with sand or peat depending on your area. Sand is
good form warmer climates, and peat for colder. Always use woodchips to mulch
your tomatoe plants, sprinkle a little finely ground hot red pepper on the sides
and you will not see one cut worm. I always fertilize with Job’s houseplant
food. It produces a fine crop of tomatoes. You can also grow marigolds or
nasturnium around the tomatoes to keep away cutworms and aphids. Aphids are
a nusaince, but they hate garlic, so a few cloves in the ground will keep
them away. You can also try horse radish. Horse radish around the mulch
will kill aphids.

It’s also good to plant peppers. peppers only grow to about 1 and a half to
two feet high. Compact plants make for good potted plants, so you can use
a gallon pot and plant 2 or three plants per pot. Peppers like full sun
in the morning and then partial shade in the afternoon.. The important thing
is to put them in a sunny spot for the morning. Peppers do not like the cold
and it is best to use a heavy mulch. I use cut grass, or hay and as it breaks
down it feeds the plant.

What would a garden be without Zuccini?? Any squash will grow abundantly
but Zuccini just produces and yields so much that it’s hard to give it
away. But I still will groow 3 or 4 plants. They grow best on a hill.
Create a mound of dirt about 2 feet in diameter and then put in 3 or 4 seeds,
or seedlings. Zuccini should be mulched with red cedar chips. zuccini is
very prone to squash borers. There is only one method that has worked for
me. Silk stockings. I cut small strips and tie them at the bottom of
my zuccini and yellow squash. This prevents the moths from laying the
eggs in the first place. Other than that, if the plant wilts that means
the borers are there, and you must use a knife and cut them out, or pour
dirt over the bottom stem to help produce new roots.

It is also easy to grow herbs in pots. Basil parsley oregano marjoram
dill, cilantro garlic chives or onion chives, and tyme can all be easily
grown in pots and put on windows. They will grow all summer and if brought
in doors all winter.

If taken care of a vegetable garden can yeild a surprising amount of food..
Last year I grew silverqueen corn, I had put in 36 seeds, about thirty came
up but I picked 80 ears of corn. Not a bad yield. I used fish emulsion
to fertilize it.

You can get long planters and fill them with mesclun mix, spinach or arugala
these greens will produce for a long time. Start now for a yeild in a few
weeks. Red leaf, green leaf, romaine, and oakleaf lettuce is already being
picked in my backyard.

So go on, start learning to grow some of your own food. It might turn from
a hobby to a necessity soon. Better to start now. You will be thankful

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