The purposeful thinning of the earth’s population

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The new world order has succeeded in splicing bird, swine, and human dna and creating
a hybrid flu that will kill at least 10 percent of the world’ population. The
flu has travelled thousands of miles in just 8 days. As it meanders around the
North American Continent, the elites aka (Rothschilds) are hoping that the flu
changes contingent upon it re entering either the wild pig or bird population.
This will in affect change the flu and make it more lethal.

The evil people that have perpetrated this plan on killing at least 85 percent
of the human population. They want to cull the herds. We have seen various types
of flu being generated in the past 20 or so years. The avian flu, swine flu
legionaire’s disease, etc. all created in a lab with the specific purpose of
killing people.

The powers that be want it to be as bad as the bubonic plague
This is the Final END GAME of the Global Elite, to fullfill Global 2000, NSSM 1974 population threat alerts, 1996 UN Population control documents, all calling for massive reduction in World Human Populations. Last week, the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown called for a reduction from 60 to 30 million.Related articles by Zemanta

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