Doctrine of the Womb

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Written in the tradition of all scriptures, inspired by the word of God. The promise
to Abel, after she was slain by her brother, Cain, and the resurrection of her image
that lies in a shallow grave, watched over by Lord Dumah.

Chapter I
1. The creation of the flesh “We created man from a clot of blood.” Koran

2. A point in the infinite Universe will send out 2 other points from itself from
both sides, and these 2 points will meet again at their point of origin, this is
the beginning of movement. The initial point is female, (Potential) . Potential
is presented as the womb. The 2 emitted points are also female, as they travel along
the infinite creating eternity. The three together are one and moving, elongating,
represented as the male (phallus). So this is where we all began. You are here in
the infinite universe which contains an infinite number of possibilities. You are!
So in this universe of infinite possibilities, all of which will come to pass, regardless
of odds, how can you ever ‘not be’?

3. Adam was created in the image of Elohim. Elohim is the plural of El. Male and
female, he created he, him. Creation took 7 days, it was completed in 6 as the cube.
ON the 7th day, El rested on each side of the cube. Each showing 5 outward sides
and one inward side, which is the hidden temple, or the seed of potential. From
the hidden temple is heard “I shall be, that which I shall be” or “Hayah,
Asher, Hayah.”

4. Adam represents all flesh (organic structure) in the universe. Eve represents
the formless emptiness that creates the flesh, and then works through it to recreate
it. Hence man is made in the image of God, male and female. The spirit (eve) now
working through man, perceives him wholly. She is described as being naked, with
him, therefore she shares every state of being with him. Nakedness is part of Adam’s
being in Eden. The two are naked, and the serpent is sly.

5. The serpent is that which is past. He is a part of man. He knows the past. He
is the elongation of the past motion of the whole image.

6. ‘now there was a tree in the garden which god had forbidden them to eat of.’

7. Eve who was the mother of all living as unconditional potential is beguiled by
the serpent. He bids her eat of the tree and become as god. Eve eats of the tree
of the knowledge of good and evil
, because she sees that the fruit is good. She
looked back into the past, and based all future events on past actions. (Wheel of
She now limited the fruit of her womb to a past based conditional reality to a world
of cause and effect.

8. Eve ate of the tree and looked back. She looked back and seen Asher, instead
of looking forward and seeing asher. As a result Adam could only live 930 years
because eternity lies ahead, and only one generation lies behind. So Eve could only
reproduce the image as a generation thereby creating death. And from her womb, the
image became two. This was the lateral fall. Lateral man goes backwards from womb
to tomb, potential produces back and forth, removing the tree of life as it can
only self produce, evolution becoming devolution.

9. Adam became separated from ET. Aleph to Tav, the structured potential of all
being. Adam’s consciousness became removed, separated from understanding when
Adam chose conditional existence separating the whole image. Splitting in half and
killing a third. It’s why we vaguely remember dreams, and death not at all.

10. Now Eve produced conditionally, 2 offspring. Cain,the first of the first, original
man. And Hebel, vanity, which resembles the image. Both are male, or part of the
physical universe, both share the potential of Eve, equally.

11. Cain produces vegetation. He is the seed sewer. His work is only seen through
Hebel. Hebel produces all the firstlings, this was the true sacrifice. Producing
as the unconditional womb, all that it had received into it. Because everything
Abel produces is marked by death. So all of Cain’s work is seen only through
his brother’s sacrifice. And his brother’s sacrifice is seen as greater
than Cain’s by God.

12. Now Cain grew jealous of his brother Abel. And god seen the negative energy
that Cain was emitting with his sacrifice, while he was in the field. God warned
Cain. “Sin crouches at thy door.” (Pesach)
opening of the penis.

13. And Cain rose up and slew Abel in the field, and his brother’s blood cried
out. Cain raped his brother. He took control of Abel’s womb, so that he might
forever create in his image. But his image was enslaved in duality, in a past based
conditional reality. Abel’s image which freely gave as the unconditional womb,
was taken. Her Image still cries in the field, waiting to be brought forth in the
light of day. Her image is now mocked, as men create ghosts, goblins, and creatures
of the night, that wander forth to keep the hold of the fear of death upon mankind
even though death is a lie.

14. And the image of man who equals the first 7 days of creation, only reveals the
first 3 and one half days, as the other half of the image is revealed only in death.
And men look toward women to reproduce the past, his seed, and women now need to
produce the future.

15. And God told Cain, for this you will wander, never knowing where you came from,
and not knowing whither you will go. And Cain through the centuries pondered his
dilemma. And came up with the equation, if—-then—–. And Cain took control of
Abele’s womb and placed her in place of the unconditional spirit. And Cain took
possession of his brother’s womb, so that he might create his own world by the
secret of the blood.

16. And Cain did learn the secret of the blood from the nephilim, the fallen angels,
who came to earth as giants, and lusted after the daughter’s of men. From their
wombs came the progeny of the Nephilim, and a way for them to reincarnate unto the
earth again and again. Cain then became the ‘father of the lie.”

17. And from the outermost parts of the earth came the practice of the secret of
the Blood. And men enslaved women, and forced themselves upon them, so that they
might create a bloodline denying the image of Abel who became the missing link between
man and god.  Thus began the war between Gog and Magog.  “She shall bruise his

head, and he shall bruise her heel.”

The Covenant

18. Now there was a great man of God. Who came from the Land of Ur. And he had great
wealth and he owned many human souls. But he had no son to leave his mighty kingdom
to. And his wife, was barren.

19. And Abram took his wife’s handmaiden. Abram forced himself upon his slave,
as a right, and he possessed her womb, so that he might bring forth progeny in the
way of the sodomite. And Hagar grieved because of the force that Abram had used
against her. her grieving caused Abram to cast her out of his sight. and Hagar left
the tent of Abram, and brought his son into the desert to die.
But God came to Hagar, and told her that if she would save the child’s life,
her seed would become like the sand of the ocean.

20. But all men brought forth in the way of the sodomite, would always consider
himself superior, always belittle his brother, and his hand would always be against
his brethren.

21. And Hagar saved her son’s life, and held onto God’s promise, when she
would be able to bring forth what she would from her own womb.

22. And Abram grew old in years and wisdom. He looked upon his slave woman and realized
what he had done. He realized that he had committed the sin of Cain. He looked for
wisdom and he repented.

23. God Sent three angels to Abram. They came to destroy the notion of Sodomy within
him. They came to bring glad tidings.

24. Abram now treated his wife, Sarah, as his equal. He knew she was ‘flesh
of my flesh, and bone of my bone’ and he clung to her in her wisdom. And the
three angels came to destroy all of Sodom and it’s offspring, the ruling bloodline
by rape of woman.

25. And Abram questioned God. Would you destroy it if there was at least one righteous
man there?” But no righteous men resided in Sodom. Not even his brother Lot,
who god spared. And Sodom and Gomorrah, (it’s followers) was destroyed.

26. And Lot’s daughters were brought up to be the slave of their father’s
system. They were part of the patriarchal system of Sodom. So in their father’s
drunkenness, they took his seed, and became whores and produced offspring. And lot’s
daughter’s reproduced their father’s image, a delusional man
in a drunken state, and their offspring became Christianity and Islam, and they
did eat of the
fleshy parts of the religion of Abraham, but they received their

27. And the three angels told Sarah “in joy you will bring forth from your womb,”
and Sarah who was equal to her brother, Abram, brought forth in laughter, and named
her child Isaac. And through marriage, as equal partners, both images, would once
again be brought together, to produce any man.

28. And God told Abram you will now be known as Abraham, and Sarai would be Sarah,
each once again portraying their part of the whole image. and in the name of holy
matrimony there would be seen the engraving of the name YHVH, the most holy name
of god.

29. And now the covenant became the birthright of any man, and God said to Abram,
you will circumcise all the male members of your household, and all the male slaves,
and all of your male progeny. And Abraham circumcised his household before God,
and swore his oath, that he would never bring forth as a sodomite again.

30. And Abraham looked upon his son Isaac. And seen that he had grown to a fine
man. But the curse of Cain, had worn heavily upon Abraham. So he took his son upon
the mount, to slay him, to offer his blood up as the sacrifice, to undo the sin
of Cain.

31. And God seen that Abraham had destroyed the notion of sodomy within himself,
and a Ram appeared in the bushes. For Isaac, who was any man would have to undo
the sin of Cain, and the nature of the redeemer was revealed to Abraham.

The birthright of any man

32. And Isaac went into the land of his mother’s kin, to find a wife. And he
too treated his wife Rebecca as his equal. And his wife brought forth 2 sons. Esau,
a hunter in the field. And Jacob, man of the tents. And Esau became a mighty hunter,
and slew many great warriors. And Jacob learned the dietary laws to prepare the
food for her father’s house.

33. And Esau had reached a great stature, for his renown became great because he
slayed Nimrod
and Jacob knew the time of her father’s death was very near. And she donned
hairy arms, and went into her father, disguised as her brother Esau, so that she
might trick him into giving her the birthright. And her father, although suprised,
seemed to know that it was indeed his son Jacob, and blessed him and awarded him
the birthright.

34. Now Esau had become legendary, and he had procured great land and possession.
And Esau sought the secret of the blood. And Esau knew that Jacob had great wisdom,
and he went to her, and begged her for the ‘red potage.’ He begged her for
the secret of the blood, “Ha Adameh, Ha Adameh, hazah”

35. Jacob looked at her brother, the would be sodomite, and knew that with the asking
he had given up the birthright. And Jacob told Esau, she would tell him the secret
of the blood, if he indeed gave her his birthright. And Esau gladly gave it up,
envisioning kingdoms that he would rule through bloodline, through reincarnation

36. And Esau went off to create the crooked kingdom of Edom. And every
son of Esau was a royal duke, and Esau himself the royal throne. And the birthright
of the Jew, is handed from mother to daughter in each generation. And salvation
only comes by way of the Jew
the true wanderer, who would wander the earth as the ‘mixed multitude’ never
laying a crooked
foundation. Because the truth of the Torah was to protect and bring back the unconditional
womb of Abel, and to protect the Matriarchal order of the Jewish
women keeping the true commandments of YHVH.

37. And Jacob went into the land of his mother’s kin to find a wife.

38. And from Jacob issued twelve. And the house of Israel became complete. The double
extended hyper cube, male and female. And they were not perfect before the eyes
of Laban, they were the mottled sheep of Jacob.

39. And the house of Jacob was taken into the Land of Egypt, to the house of Pharaoh,
by a land that was ruled by placing the flesh before the spirit. And they became
enslaved in the land of Goshen.

40. They had to understand what sodomy does, the stagnation it causes by prejudice
and ignorance. Practicing bloodline gives credence to the accuser, who points the
finger to use the power of death against anyone, not of his blood, ensuring all
who are ruled by bloodline life of tyranny in the guise of absolute law based on

41. And the daughters of Abraham were slaves to the house of Pharaoh, and the first
daughter of Pharaoh’s concubine, would be wife of Pharaoh, and mother to Egypt.
And she was taught in the ways of Egypt’s first born, which was her law.

42. And a daughter of Pharaoh arose from the Levite tribe, and she rose up and slew
the Pharaoh, and took over as queen of Egypt. She killed Tutmose the I. Her name
was Hestaput, and she freed the slaves of Goshen, took them into the Sinai desert,
so that she might destroy the laws of Egypt that held them all prisoner. And her
name was stricken from every monument, every obelisk, and every historical record.
Egypt mourned the loss of her divine bloodline, and created the names of Tutmose
II and Tutmose III to ensure their prodigy that the bloodline continued but Moses
had destroyed it, he had parted
the red sea, and the Dragon with the ten diadems received a mortal

43. And the womb of Moses was supposed to bring forth the progeny of Pharaoh, for
she was swollen with child. And she left Egypt and in the desert near the mount
of the law, she bore a son, Gershon, “a stranger in a strange land.” Gershon was
of the bloodline of Pharaoh, he was part and parcel to the great dragon. He was
supposed to sit upon the throne of Egypt. But Moses brought him forth by day in
the desert, freeing him from sodomy.

44. And Moses gave the mixed multitude and the Jews a new law. One that would destroy
sodomy from off the face of the earth, one that would bring the redemption of mankind,
one that would resurrect the image of Abel from the dead and deny Pharaoh his inheritance.

45. The 70 elders, each one a witness for his nation, and Moses, and Aaron, and
Aaron’s two sons, went up to the mount of the law. In this the fruition of the
new laws were seen. A revelation to all of those who were witnessing Zion. Exodus
24, 74 men see god. And they did eat and they did drink. And God told them that
with this new covenant, this law, they would destroy the sodomite from off the face
of the earth. That they should, “thow shalt not”, then and only then would
they “have a right to.” And in the wilderness was revealed the ultimate
wilderness, the wilderness of any man, free of the accuser, standing individually
before the law, men and god equally.. And 24 x 74 = 1776.

46. And the men of Sinai, brought the ark of the covenant with them, and they wandered
in the wilderness for a generation and Moses brought them to the land beyond the
Jordan,to the land of milk and honey, where any man would be equal.


47. And the people wandered in the desert for a generation.

48. And Moses made them understand what kind of Civilization they left behind. They
ate bitter herbs, to remember being in bondage. They also sacrificed the lamb without
blemish. Because those who practice sodomy, try to recreate their own image by practicing
the purity of the blood.  So the lamb without blemish was sacrificed, dragged
through the streets and left for the dogs to eat.

49. And the perfect lamb, was sacrificed. And the goat of Azazel received all the
sins of the people and it was cast out into the wilderness in hope and supplication
that the imperfect ones would have their sins dissipated, so as to escape bondage
death and destruction at the hands of men who practiced Sodomy.

50. But the people were hardhearted and wanted a king to rule over them. Even knowing
that a monarch is the culmination of the consciousness of a people connected by
blood. And when
they cried for a king so that they might lay down roots, God in his anger uprooted

The Buddha

51. And the spirit cried for her release from the enslavement of the flesh. And
her cries went up and God heard her torment.

52. In a small principality of Hindustan a woman born of a high caste was given
in marriage to a prince. She dutifully took her place beside her Prince. She had
great wisdom and in her pain and anguish she gave birth to her seed. The simultaneously
born mind. And Siddhartha grew to adulthood and took over the duties of his father.
But Siddhartha was restless, he was unhappy even though he had all the comforts
of a man born of the warrior caste..

53. The Buddha left the isolation of his palace, and wandered among the castes.
Among all of the masses kept enslaved by a caste system ruled by bloodline. From
the Brahmins to the untouchables Buddha realized that all men eat the tree of the
knowledge of good and evil. All men judge all future events by past acts. That in
judging everything man could never hope to find happiness, because he was flawed,
imperfect and perpetuated that image by reproducing his image, so that he might
reincarnate through it. Man was enslaved and mired in his own image. And Buddha
wandered in the wilderness and sought the secret to salvation and to eternal life.

54. And the Buddha, like Abraham before him, had to recognize Sodomy, and destroy
it within himself. He brought forth a set of laws that would free men from the rounds
of rebirth that so beset his race and bloodline. Because it is by the karmic act
of sodomy that man returns to earth to make the same mistakes over and over. A dog
returns to it’s own vomit

The Lamb of God

55. And a woman was born in Judeo. She was innocent and could stand naked before
the Lord. She had worshipped God, and had practiced all the laws without guilt.
She was the unconditional womb. She had a great revelation. From her womb, she could
produce from the random equation of natural selection. She had an immaculate concept.
From her womb, came the consciousness of any man. She had sought the spirit in the
wilderness and the spirit imbibed her with the holy ghost.

56. And Mary brought forth the image of the second Adam. The image, her mother Abel
was denied.  And the second Adam was born on the
earth, and the seed of potential was realized and the earth

57. And the image of any man brought forth by the random equation of natural selection
would be the salvation of the world. The random equation of natural selection was
is and always will be the
immaculate concept.  Jesus was a love child brought forth in total

58. And a new religion was founded and practiced in the crooked kingdom of Edom.
Rome was Edom, and Rome perpetuated the idea of Might Makes right. And there were
no laws protecting women in this new religion. And sodomy ruled among the Christians
throughout the kingdom of Rome.

59. And the religion was sodomized. And they tried to validate the reality of Jesus,
by saying he was from a great line of monarchs, trying to raise the head of the
dragon. And the great image of the consciousness of any man is greater than what
the grave can hold. For the grave can only hold the past, not the future.

60. And the men of the crooked kingdom of Edom searched for the remnants of the
family of Jesus. Creating tales of his great escape to Europe, and the idea that
he brought forth children.

61. And the great serpent, the dragon has 10 heads and one of them had received
a mortal wound. That mortal wound was the destruction of the divine bloodline of

62. But the men of the crooked kingdom of Edom, looked to get back their birthright,
and by the very blood of Jesus of Nazareth, they claimed to be of his blood, demanding
that they rule Europe because they were of a divine bloodline. They were the nights
of the round table, and traced their bloodline to one Joseph of Arimethea, and Jesus
of Nazareth.

62. This was the true search of the ‘holy grail’ the finding and the continuation
of a divine bloodline by the monarchies of Europe.

63. And sodomy once again ruled Edom.

64. And men forced women to be pure, passing laws to possess them, and to only bring
forth the image of Cain. The image of a culture, a way of life, a physical skin
color, and that image to worship as a way of life and this incomplete image, although
pure in the eyes of the
Aryan patriarchy is the “Lie” of Cain.

65. And all of Europe practiced reproduction through bloodline. And the centuries
passed and the
Monarchs passed laws of Eugenics against their people to keep them enslaved in the

66. And the kingdom of Sodom hated the Jews, because they were any man. And they
persecuted him, and killed him, and tried to once again destroy the image of Abel
from off the earth.

67. And the great dragon made war against her seed.

68. And she begged god for help. And when her seed had reached a certain consciousness,
a certain understanding revealed in the 7 churches, God brought her out of the crooked
kingdom and brought her to the wilderness to her place, to the land of any man,
to the land of the ultimate ark of the lord where she has been safe for a time,
times, and a half time. Where her progeny, every man, woman, and child can reach
their fruition in their time and in their place. Where
the seed of potential could be fulfilled and all men could give
praise to god in their time and in their place.  The fruit would
no longer fall unripened from the tree.

69. And the patriarchal system reached the height of it’s power. And the great dragon
handed his power over to this beast. To the number of a man, to one who was, then
is not, and then is again.

70. 666, know that the number of the beast is the number of the sodomite, one who
puts the flesh before the spirit, to perpetuate and practice the purity of the blood
to reproduce his own image.

The curse of Pharaoh

71. And the tomb of Pharaoh was opened and the consciousness of Pharaoh had been
enslaved by being forced to exist in an hermetically sealed tomb after his demise
at the hands of his sister.

71. And the consciousness of Tut was the consciousness of all the Pharaoh’s
cut off by Moses. The name of this consciousness was Aiwass.

72. All the monarch’s of Edom claimed relation by blood. They had achieved their
purpose. They now could say they ruled by divine blood, greater power then the pope,
who only ruled by divine decree.

73. And there arose out of the great abyss caused by the practice of Sodomy, a perfect
Aryan. One who was from a long line of those who practiced the purity of the blood.
And he rose up to conquer all of Europe and create a new Roman empire. And Edom
feared him. And he marched his Aryan hordes throughout the crooked kingdom of Edom,
to set up his thousand year Reich.

74. And from Egypt he brought the tomb of Aknaton, so that he might partake of the
great ritual of Baphomet, and once more raise up the bloodline of the great dragon
of Egypt.

75. And from the northern most Parts of the earth, and from her heights, he brought
forth monks to teach him to map out and follow a course through the Bardo state
so that he might reincarnate and rule as Fuhrer for one thousand years..

76. And from the land of any man, came men who practiced railing against tyranny
and the accuser with a branch of the tree of life. Her seed was still fighting off
the ignorance of sodomy. The wilderness seen the flowing of blood, as brother fought
against brother to free men from physical bondage.

77. And the war left a large scar upon her. And now the woman with the beacon in
her hand, called forth to her seed, to run out of the crooked kingdom and find refuge
in the land of any man.

78. And let us not deny the 11th hour laborer. He is seeking the image that would
redeem him from the tyranny that sodomy always brings.

79. And we praise the first hour laborers. The courageous who came to the great
wilderness to raise the image of Abel by making all equal before the law.

80. But the birthright belongs to any man. Not just an ethnic group, any group,
anyone who comes forward as the consciousness of any man.

81. “and the bride has prepared herself. She has freed her womb.

82. From this great wilderness she can bring forth as the unconditional womb yea,
women have reached the stature of the Jew,
her inheritance is to bring forth unconditionally.

83. As the prophet Lao Tzu said “be as the uncarved rock.”

84. Sura XCIX. – The Earthquake
Mecca. – 8 Verses Koran
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

85. When the Earth with her quaking shall quake
And the Earth shall cast forth her burdens,
And man shall say, What aileth her?
On that day shall she tell out her tidings,
Because thy Lord shall have inspired her.

86. On that day shall men come forward in throngs to behold their works,

87. And whosoever shall have wrought an atom’s weight of good shall behold it,

88. And whosoever shall have wrought an atom’s weight of evil shall behold it.§

89. XXXI

Sura LXXXII. – The Cleaving
Mecca. – 19 Verses Koran
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

90. When the Heaven shall Cleave asunder,
And when the stars shall disperse,
And when the seas shall be commingled,

91. And when the graves shall be turned upside down,
Each soul shall recognize its earliest and its latest actions.

92. O man! what hath misled thee against thy generous Lord,

93. Who hath created thee and molded thee and shaped
thee aright?

94. In the form which pleased Him hath He fashioned thee.
Even so; but ye treat the Judgment of this image as a

95. Yet truly there are guardians over you –
Illustrious recorders –
Cognizant of your actions.

96. Surely amid delights shall the righteous dwell,
But verily the impure in Hell-fire:
They shall be burned at it on the day of doom,
And they shall not be able to hide themselves from it.
Who shall teach thee what the day of doom is?
Once more. Who shall teach thee what the day of doom

97. It is a day when one soul shall be powerless for another
soul; all sovereignty on that day shall be with God.§

98. And when the wild beasts shall be gathered together,

99. And when the seas shall boil,
And when souls shall be paired with their bodies,
And when the female child that had been buried alive shall
be asked,
For what crime she was put to death?
And when the leaves of the Book shall be unrolled,
And when the Heaven shall be stripped away!

100. Krishna: “in the end, when I reveal myself wholly, men
will see how perverse they have truly become.” Bagavad

101. The image of the patriarchal order will surely pass away.
It’s last stand on the field of meggiddo, the mental plane
of each and every man. Where man rationalizes and justifies using
the power of death against his brother and anyone not of
his ‘image’. Where man tries to justify going to the limit
of death to seek the solution to his problems. Men want to
believe that they have power over life and death.  “vengeance
is mine sayeth the lord. This is
the field of the dead, and the pages of it’s book shall be
laid open for all to see.

102. Then what seemed to be the voice of a great multitude,
like the sound of many waters and like the sound of
mighty thunder peals, crying,
“Hallelujah! For the lord our god, the almighty reigns.
Let us rejoice and exult and give him glory, for the
marriage of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made
herself ready.

103. And it was granted her to be clothed with fine linen,
bright and pure” for the fine linen is the righteous deeds
of the saints.

104. The spirit and the bride say “come.”

105. And let him who
hears say “come”, and let him who desires, drink of the
water of life without price. (Revelations chapt. 22, verse

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